iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS Issues Investigated by Apple

Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 4 appears to be causing some problems when installed on the iPhone 3GS as there have been numerous complaints made by 3GS customers on the Apple support forums.

However, according to an article by Jennifer Valentino-DeVries of the Wall Street Journal, Apple is aware of the problem and is apparently investigating, which is at least a step in the right direction.

One of the main issues reported about iOS 4 on the iPhone 3GS is that the device is slow after upgrading to iOS 4 while other complaints bring up a battery drainage issue whereby the iPhone battery also becomes hot. Apparently for some using iOS 4 on their iPhone 3GS has virtually made the device unusable.

iOS 4 is supposed to be compatible with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G minus a few features such as multitasking naturally, but users should be experiencing such problems and some are saying do not upgrade your 3GS to iOS 4.

Obviously these issues with iOS 4 add to the pain Apple is experiencing over the iPhone 4 antenna issue and the delay in pushing out the white iPhone 4, but Apple needs to resolve all these issues quickly if they wish to escape the escapade without too much damage to there name.


20 thoughts on “iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS Issues Investigated by Apple”

  1. ANDY D says:

    Think apple should exclude the iphone 3gs from multitasking as im always closing them down by double clicking and closing them down to savce battery..it should have been exclusive to the iphone 4 along with wallpaper backgrounds…as for the 3g no update to os 4 should have been at all!!!

  2. Apples reliance on customer loyalty seems to bet getting further abused, early up takers of there technology are once again receiving the brunt of the issues and just like Apples over censorship (now also in the bookstore) reported in the last few days this will create another setback that I’m sure the company could have done with not coming to light at the moment in time.

    However for them to neglect the full testing of iOS4 on the 3g , means inturn there neglecting the need of current customers it seems there so focused on “this changes everything” that they forget what everything is or was and that should be providing full support to current consumers of there products.

    It is another setback once again for Apple it will be interesting to see what’s next in the news regarding iPhone/iPad issues (antenna, manufacturing and service charges) and their steps to refund cases won’t make up for the iPhone 4′s lack of function over form.

    But Apple have created such a loyal following that people may just put up with what issues there are for the sake of owning the latest Apple product.
    Personally, I’d be happier with an older iPhone – at least then the issues are all ironed out.

    However, it’s also interesting to see how much excitement new technologies can bring. New technology and innovation is important for new business, illustrated by entrepreneurship grants and new business competitions like http://www.ukesnc.com.

    Guess it’s not all bad!

  3. Ken D says:

    Blah blah blah! Ios 4 works fine on 3GS. It may lag a smidgen but overall the improvements are stellar. Reboot your phone everynow and again and be you own task manager with great results. Noobs!

  4. Todd kipping says:

    I have the iPhone 3GS and upgraded to ios 4 but every time I make a phone call if the call last longer than 10 minutes the phone cuts off and restarts . Hopefully this problem can be resolved sooner rather than later !

  5. Ade says:

    I own a 3GS and it was great! until I upgraded to the new IOS4. Mistake really as there are some great new features, but I notice that it stutters slightly (processor struggles) on some apps, and for some reason I have to turn my bluetooth off and on again every time I get into my car to get it to sync with the in-car bluetooth phone system (Mercedes). No backwards compatibility. Unless I'm going to end my 18 month contract early to upgrade to the latest iPhone, I have now got a phone that doesn't work as it was designed. I'm not sure, but if I can without it buggering up my Apps that have also been up-graded to work on IOS4, I'll down-grade my iPhone 3GS to the earlier operating software. (Does Apple give guidance on this..? )
    I wish they warned 3GS users of the issues before we committed to up-grade.
    Now I guess I'll have to wait, until my contract ends to up-grade to a iPhone that will probably be replace a few months later…. does anyone see a pattern here…?
    The font issue regarding Dreamweaver and Snow Leopard is another point where I feel let down… These are not software mistakes but software decisions I think !

    I've learnt one big lesson… don't upgrade Apple software until you're aware of any issues! Reassuring eh?

  6. Rayt says:

    Mine is always hanging and needs a reboot everyday. the os4 ate a lot of my memory and is draining my battery. Is there a way to go back to os 3.1.2 it is the most stable for me

  7. Samco says:

    there is another problem in iPhone with saving a contact.. when i receive a voice call and i save the number to a contact, later on when i get an sms from that contact, the device does NOT recognize the contact and the from field will be a number not a name,do you know what is the reason? it's because voice calls numbers appear without the country/area code, while it does when it's an sms, and the brilliant iPhone "thinks" that it's a different number!! i tried saving the number with the code. But the result was that it stopped recognizing the contact when it's a voice call!! so what should i do? save each number twice with and without the country/area code? wow Apple's programmers are so brilliant!
    even the old lousy phones recognize the numbers with or without a code prefix

  8. Trooper says:

    I've had to return my phone to apple three times now and ive only had it six weeks. Im paying £50 a month to say to people…oh ive got an iphone…..not with me though, apple are fixing it. First time the home button stopped responding, the second time the microphone wasnt working and now im waiting for a replacement after the left side of the touchscreen didnt work. For such an "amazing product" i expect much more, and to make things worse U.P.S are saying that apple have placed two codes on the package so i need to contact them to reschedule delivery. Absolute nightmare. If the phone was'nt so good it would be sh*tI

  9. Givster says:

    I've just upgraded my 3gs to the latest recommendation from iTunes because I woke up this morning and the font had gone huge, all the icons were extra large, i needed 3 fingers to moved around the screen (to get in the corners because everything was too big for screen.
    Upgrade didnt work, guess I'm gonna have to send it off to Apple to sort……..Great !!

    1. Paula says:

      I had this problem. Sounds bizzare, but tap the screen with three fingers! The Apple support team at O2 told me it's for people with sight difficulties – my daughter had turned this on by mistake.

  10. iphone user says:

    guys my iphone 3gs crashed and when i turn it on am just getting the apple sign,it wont bring up anything else and i have only had it since April ,does anyone know how to fix it or what to do?? 🙁

  11. i phone user not says:

    i have had nothing but problems since upgraded volume awful , cannot connect keeps cutting out , people unable to even connect to me, I keep having to reset it , apps are slow no signal etc etc need I go on!!!! going to take back to apple store as 02 refuse to help as they state is software issue grrr

  12. Michael says:

    Last week I received a 3GS with Os4…and the reception is terrible! 3G struggles everywhere, except for next to a phone tower) I mostly get 1 bar at home and work with frequent dropouts when on my Nokia it was full bars and perfect call quality. When on 2G it is passable…but why have a 3G enabled phone when that feature does not work?

    Optus (my cell provider in Australia) ran me through the usual "turn on and off" tests but of course this did nothing…I am returning it to Apple on the weekend for repair.

    Will be interesting to see what they say…in the meantime its back to my trusty Nokia

  13. James says:

    My 3GS was fine until I upgraded the software. Now the phone cuts out during calls (but not if using the headset…!?!). This has become a running joke with friends and colleagues but is really frustrating. I complained to apple but was told they could do nothing as the phone is outside warranty. They would not install the old operating system either. I tried a full restore but no joy. Has anyone else managed to solve this problem?

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