White iPhone 4 Release Date Delay: Backlight Leakage

All the hype about the white iPhone 4 release date is immense and has many Apple fans sitting in the corner of the room with angered faces and temperaments that probably should not be wrote about online.

Yes you probably would expect a few swear words flying around here and there about the delay and of course we will not allow such content in our comments section, here are a few details to keep you up-to-date.

Yesterday we reported that the iPhone 4 in white has been delayed for release because of manufacturing issues and these problems are down to getting the paint thick enough on the front of the smartphone, yes Apple would like the white iPhone 4 to be perfect and without any transparency. The paint job that Apple tried and tested was off-white and not good enough for production, there seems to a few reasons why the iPhone 4 in white is having problems.

Well according to The Street the white iPhone 4 smartphones are being delayed for release because the backlight leakage is seeping from the edges of the glass, we would love to know the real reason behind the delay.

Could it really be that Apple is telling us a white lie (No pun intended) because they really do not wish to release until they sort out the internal antenna problems occurring on the black iPhone 4 that is currently available.

Apple has said that producing the White iPhone 4 is more challenging than expected, we was all expecting Apple to sort the issue out and would release late July but this has not happened and suggestions say that we might have to wait until late 2010 or even early 2011.

If you have anything you wish to say about the White iPhone 4 please do so in the comments area provided below, if you are angry we do ask you to keep swearing out of your comment as we have all age groups visiting phonesreview.co.uk, we would delete your comments if we feel the need to. Thank you for understanding.

Source via All News Mac


31 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 Release Date Delay: Backlight Leakage”

  1. Joe says:

    This is a load of Bull i mean white is more practical for me and i have to wait !

    1. buckydungun says:

      The color of a phone is more practical? are you trying to coordinat your clothes with your phone like paris hilton? All the issues going on in the world and you people are so terribly upset about the color of your phone, ridiculous. GET OVER IT! read a book and quit obssesing about something you can't control.

  2. K. Smith says:

    I have been waiting to buy an iPhone 4 because I wanted the white one and I've been reading the reviews online saying that Apple is having all of these problems with it so it won't be released until much much later. I really wish they would check the phones out better before they get released! Then they wouldn't have these problems!

  3. Alls' well says:

    Once again you have missed the boat on this issue. Apple announced last week that the white iPhone wont be released until late December this year.
    Noithing new to read here. NEXT!!!!

  4. iPhone 3G Owner says:

    Maybe the proximity sensor will be fixed by the time they release the white iPhone 4. That seems to be the real problem with 4. It can't be fixed with a bumper, which any rational person buys for a new expensive phone anyway.

  5. Kate says:

    I'm wondering why a white iPhone is more practical?
    Surely black is the more practical option?

    I'm waiting for the white version purely because I think it looks nicer than the black. My partner has had the black version for a month and in spite of being left handed has not experienced any of the issues reported.

    I agree that they should have worked out the colour issues (if this is indeed the real issue) earlier but to be honest lets put this issue into perspective. If you are buying your phone for it's functionality, surely it doesn't matter what colour it comes in? 🙂

  6. Dachutney says:

    This is an absolute joke! How can Apple make such school boy errors when at this moment they are on thier 4th Generation of the same product?!

    You would think of all the problems to have the Choice of Colour won’t be one of them!

    I am really frustrated as my upgrade has been due for 4 months and I have been holding out for this White iPhone.

    I’m very close to giving up and actually have my eye on a Sony Ericcson Xperia x10 mini. It May not have all the flashy apps but at leaste it’s a quality product at a cheap price. Unlike the apple iPhone which is a cheap product with a ludicrous pricetag!

  7. L DOT GRANT says:


  8. Kerry says:

    I went out an bought a black iphone 4, they should do a special exchange for those who bought the black because of their neglegence, i sold my 3g because the iphone 4 white was coming out, I was without a phone for 2 or 3 months this is retarded

  9. ugo says:

    This is very unprofessional and irresponsible of Steve Jobs. Shouldn't they have worked out all the kinks to the white iphone 4 before announcing there would be a white one. We were fine when we had the black older generations. Honestly the white one looks better than the black one otherwise I would just get the black one. I'll probably end up getting the white droid or google

  10. Nick says:

    Ok there is a delay and in actual fact I have lost the will to live on this issue. I can wait and will do so. That’s fact.

    Why can’t Apple who are supposed to be a grown up and world leader in technology be totally honest and tell us general public when and why. We will not be offended. At the moment they are losing

  11. Nick says:

    All credibility to be able to manage a minor problem which in the end could destroy their proven image

    HONESTY IS BEST POLICY guys come on now let us know. We can take it

  12. HEATHER says:

    I've been holding out so I get the white iPhone 4 also. My 3G is really messing up on the new OS 4!!! And really annoying!!! I think they should just stop with the iPhone 4…and start getting together the next iPhone!! Because this is just ridiculous!! I want to go buy the new one no matter if it does have antenna issues….but I just don't wanna upgrade then I see everyone else with the white iPhones after i use my upgrade… 🙁

  13. t.j. says:

    DON'T GIVE IN AND GET ANOTHER PHONE! i made that mistake and got the samsung captivate. amazing capabilities and a lot of character but that phone takes five minutes to do anything. even scrolling from one home screen to another can create a 2 minute freeze most of the time. bs. i couldn't wait any longer for the white iphone and now i'm regreting it. it's getting returned today hopefully and i begin the long journey of ripping my hair out trying to text on my go phone and having to come home to check my email. wtf. why is the cell phone industry taking a shit on us right now. are they just trying to create something simple and cheap to make billions off of so they can buy tickets to the moon for 2012

  14. Marie says:

    I am waiting for White 4 ,I have 3G and it’s driving me


    Since upgrading the software to 4 it’s so slow ,freezing , and just pants ,I’m sick of it , people are leaving the I phone behind apple cause they are so fed up , sort it out . PLEASE !!!

  15. Emory says:

    The smell of the rotting horse in the corner of the room is becoming unbearable. Spend your energy worrying about other things that matter people.

  16. dr ssingh kukreja says:

    white iphone4 delayed I in india to wait pretty long for the launch no other alternative ssingh

  17. Jd says:

    If they are going to delay further, at least apple could provide an upgrade-downgrade to OS 3 so that us poor 3g with OS4 users can cope until they finally get the new one out.

  18. Vinnyb says:

    I think if you want a white one then maybe buy a white case??? haha. I mean it's probably a good idea to protect them anyway right?