iPhone 4 Vodafone NZ Release Shambles: Are You Disappointed?

The Apple iPhone 4 release in New Zealand was a complete nightmare, so much so that customers left without what they came for. We would like all Vodafone NZ customers to come forward and have your say right here with us.

In the southwestern Pacific Ocean customers queued for quite a while waiting to get their hands on the new iPhone 4 smartphone, they waited only to be told come back in the afternoon and when they did they went through the same fiasco again because only existing customers were eligible for the iPhone 4 according to TMCnet.

The image above is via TiBP (Credit @psychorn) and it shows we are unable to sell you the iPhone 4, the source above has received tweets from customers in New Zealand and as usual Apple and Vodafone is keeping tight lipped.

If you are one of the disappointed customers and experienced problems purchasing the iPhone 4 we would love to hear from you, scroll down to the comments area below and let us know how you feel.


6 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Vodafone NZ Release Shambles: Are You Disappointed?”

  1. Vodafail says:

    Thats not a completely accurate view on what happened. At 9am when the vodafones stores opened, we were told that the launch was off and that they would not be sold today, hence the signs on the windows. However at 11am rumours began surfacing on multiple forums that there was a 12pm launch happening. At around 11.30 a mass txt was sent by vodafone, confirming the iPhone 4 was to be launched but due to limited stock, only those on account were allowed to buy one since they were "looking after existing customers". However at Vodafone's flagship downtown store, existing customers were turned away unless they had less than 6 months remaining on their 24 month contracts. This means that the only people who were allowed to buy one were new customers signing a 24 month contract or those willing to resign a new 24 month contract who had only a few months left on their existing contract. Vodafone's claim they were looking after existing customers is complete and utter nonsense, they were only out to sign new customers and trying to win back those that were about to leave Vodafone with no regard for existing customers.

  2. Ex-Voda Customer says:

    Complete shambles and I hope Apple take notice and dismiss Vodafone as an official supplier. Vodafone showed complete disregard for their customers and new customers and tarnished the Apple name. Its 2 days later and we are STILL to receive any signs of an explanation from Vodascum

  3. Ahmad says:

    Hello from New Zealand.

    I have written the following article to explain my thoughts on this iPhone 4 New Zealand "launch".

    Vodafone New Zealand have a lot of angry customers, and I'm not surprised given the way they treat their own customers. When I raised an issue I was having with unusual TXT charging when using FaceTime I was directed via the official company Twitter to the music video "If you don't want an iPhone 4, don't buy it".

    I'm not sure that Apple would be very impressed with that attitude.

  4. rex says:

    Hey there, don't really know how this all works, and thinking asking vodafone isn't the smartest option, so some help would be much appreciated.
    My old lady has been offered the iphone4 for a discounted rate because she is on fixed term business contract. She says she does not want the new phone. If however the upgrade was purchased, would she be able to use her current iphone and I use the iphone4 with my 2degrees sim card?