Spirit iPhone 4 Jailbreak Not Ready, what about 3GS?

The news surrounding Spirit iOS iPhone 4 Jailbreak is getting a little hot under the collar with Apple smartphone users, there are a few issues and this is why it has been delayed.

We reported not so long ago about the Spirit iOS iPhone 4 Jailbreak being delayed due to FaceTime issues, ok we do not know what is wrong but what we do know if it is down to problems with FaceTime why has the software not been released for the iPhone 3GS.

FaceTime is on the iPhone 4 only, which means there should be no problem releasing the new Jailbreak for the 3GS. A few comments came in from our readers and this is what they mention:

“Ok That Facetime reason is fine for iPhone 4 Owners (Built in Hardware), So what about ios4 3GS owners………. Should we also wait till the facetime issue sorts out”?

“True true its not all about the iphone 4 c’mon iphone 3gs has stayed longer gives us a little advantage”

We found some more information via iPhone Download Blog who reports that the new jailbreak for iOS 4 will not be called Spirit, it is true what they say when the jailbreak should be bug free and that is why it has not been released yet.

So if the jailbreak for iOS 4 and iPhone 4 is not going to be called Spirit what will it be called? Please do use our comments area and let us know what you think it might be called, the source above says just for a little bit of fun would you like it to be called Sn0wSt0rm? Blu3Thund3r? UltraDr1zzle?


28 thoughts on “Spirit iPhone 4 Jailbreak Not Ready, what about 3GS?”

  1. Chris says:

    Are you retarded?
    It hasn't been released for the 3gs because if it was released the apple can easily send out a patch to counteract the jailbreak, this may leave iPhone 4 users getting an update which some people may accept
    by accident and then they will be out of the jailbreak until the next round

  2. TheT3chGuy says:

    If I was making the jailbreak tool I'd call it "g0ldhail" and I'd call the unlock "hailst0rm"

    1. COZEMODO says:

      yh but its only for already jailbroken iphone 3gs or if thier old bootrom
      if u have new bootrom with no jailbreak on 4.0.1 then thier is nothing for u


    2. mac10 says:

      There is no JB released for 3gs on iOS4 yet… idiot (unless u have SHSH blobs saved to downgrade)

    3. Josh says:

      What jailbreak are you talking about? One for a 3GS running iOS 4 without having been previously jailbroken?

    4. perry says:

      Hi Saurik , i have found the jail break that you use through safari , great!! installed , but how do we get to spirit if still on 4.0 OSI??

  3. Garryg says:

    P.S. Why would you need a JB for 3GS iOS4 if you can do it with 3.1.2 or 3.1.3??? iOS 4 offers nothing…except an advantage to Apple in hindering a JB, or am I missing something?

  4. Saurik 2 says:

    Saurik stfu he’s talking about the universal jailbreak that we’ve all been patiently waiting for a month or so now! :/

  5. MySavior says:

    not for 3GS already running 4.0 or 4.0.1 that can't be downgraded to 3.1.3 due to lack of saved SHSH…IDIOT

  6. spike says:

    realy wht isit called im on 3gs 16gb on 4.0.1, nd im stuck on lock/emergency call only, i got it online nd its just here sitting on the table =[.

    i dont have any shsh file, nd i belive its never been jailbreaked before, it wass all working welluntil i updated its fw now im all locked out =/

  7. Omri says:

    Saurik, there isn't a jailbreak for iPhone 3gs with new bootrom.. you can only jailbreak 3gs with old bootrom.. 🙁

    I'm waiting like all of you guys for it..

  8. nottheloseraboveme says:

    saurik jackass, i think he means a new jailbreak for 3gs that anyone can use, not just the ones that saved shsh blobs. SO WHOS THE IDIOT?????

  9. GaryD says:

    I think that everybody just needs to calm down. Although I don’t love my iphone as much with in being in jail, I 100% appreciate the things that dev deam, comex, saurik, musclenerd, and geohot (?) are going through to make sure that it works as flawless as possible when released. You guys do your thing. Those of us who truly appreciate it can wait….

  10. moh_anesthesia says:

    I think "TuNN3Lend" is a good name that discribe the hard and longtime taken for the jailbreak to come to the light……… 🙂

  11. Knisical says:

    And the iOS 4 jailbreak for the 3G(s) has been out fir a while now… At lease a month I think…

  12. Jesus says:

    I think it shod be called appletr33 so it kind of like the idevices from apple that are been held on by a apple tree so it shows how easy it is to jailbreak it by picking of the apples from the tree

  13. French says:

    The 3gs jailbreak that is out now is only for the old bootrom and you need to have saved your SHSH blobs for 3.1.2. I have a newer 3gs with the new bootrom so i have to wait until this new jailbreak comes out.