iPhone 4 available now on Three

As we know the iPhone 4 is already available on T Mobile in the UK, but now we have even more good news for those of you interested in getting hold of one.

Thanks to a recent article by Matthew over at gadgetvenue.com I can confirm that the iPhone 4 is also available on Three, There are some really amazing deals available from Three you can choose from a 16GB iPhone 4 which will cost you just £99 and £30 per month.

With that deal you get included in the package 500 minutes across any network along with 5000 texts 5000 Three to Three minutes and also 1GB of internet which, which ever way you look at it is a far better deal than that which is being offered by T Mobile. If you are prepared to part with £45 per month you can get the iPhone 4 for free.

Another option is 32GB iPhone 4 on Three for £30 per month the phone is listed at £189 and for £45 per month you can get the phone for just £89. For further details on plans terms and the store click here all price plans are for 24 months.


12 thoughts on “iPhone 4 available now on Three”

  1. ME says:

    The reason your deals have to be better is because you have the worst network in the whole country. people would be insane to go with you. I do not know one person who hasnt had a problem with u and quit as soon as possible.

    T mobile are FAR superior and I am looking forward to recieving my I phone 4 from them.

    1. A 3Mobile User says:

      I have been with 3 for 3 years and NEVER had a problem.

      Even apon a welsh mountain i had MAX signal.

      3s prices and tariffs are the best on the market … way better that T-rip mobile.

      the £60 economic crusher of a "tariff" is rubbish and way way over priced for what you get.

      Any of the other networks are a better choice than Tfailbile.
      I would consider Orange or O2 for other networks, but with my discount and price all round Im feeling 3.

  2. SpawnstaR says:

    I have been with 3 for two years , 18 months of which i have been using an unlocked iphone 3g with three usim with no problems whatsoever, none at all ! I happily browse with 3g all day long at many locations (mostly rural locations) as needed by my job so please dont spout your TMobile fanboy sh!t . ohh btw i have a £18 a month deal , unlimited data ,600 mins , unlimited 3 to 3 and unlimited texts, came with a sony c903 which i got £100 on ebay for , you do the maths

  3. JDoe says:

    Just saw this, it is good news coming to three. In response of those above, there are always going to be problems but personally no problems with 3 in over 6 years of use. So ofcourse I am going to stick with them and prices are awesome.

  4. Dave West says:

    I have been with 3 for 5 years now and they have been the best network by far, I get 1000 mins, unlimited internet and texts, 50 mins video calls, 50 picture messages and skype for £29 a month. Thier customer service is y far the best and they honour the warrenty to perfection where even sending my phone off to be repaired it is back on my desk 2 days after sending it. My N97 has had issues and they have sent me a new phone out on each occasion and a loan phone is available for free when collected from a 3 store. I cant get to a store this week so they are doing a direct phone exchange without confirming the fault isn't damage related for £19,99 which saves me having to drive to a shop and waste time collecting it and taking it back.

  5. Three are brill, been with them now 2 years and they just get better and better. Their 3G coverage has expanded no end, no just in my area (Dorset) but i've noticed the difference when doing my yearly Lake District. The speeds are great and you can use the 3G on the motorways for streaming video, unlike o2 and Vodafone, which always cut out on 3G when outside the towns and cities.

    I'm on the One Plan at the moment with 5000 texts, 5000 3 to 3 minutes, 2000 minutes and (Properly) Unlimited data. I can now use my smartphone how I want without ever worrying out limits. All that for the price of £25!

    Customer service is polite and helpful, never had any problems with them, apart from some long hold times during the evenings.

    When I first went with them I was cautious and rightfully so, they were a mediocre network, spending most of my time roaming on Orange's cruddy 2G network. But over the last year they have really impressed me and I'll be staying with them for another 2 years at least. Hopefully then the other networks might have caught up a bit and I can consider them. But until that day, i'm sticking with Three.

    Considering upgrading to iPhone 😀 but I might wait until the next launch then the iPhone 4 will come down in price.

  6. Sjpearce says:

    Since my first mobile phone, I was with Mercury 1-2-1 ,remember them?? Now that was crap, but it worked now and then and the fact that hot free calls in the evenings and weekends was shaping the mobile and landline fees for ever. I moved to T Moibile when they was bought out and the service and network went down hill, I know it should have got better.
    Then moved to Orange, well after costing me several thousands of punds in missed calls because of network problems, it thought I would go to the company that was stated as the worst … 3!
    I had an LG with them and can confirm that they had the phone more than me Ian 6 month period. Started to talk legal about this and they allowed me to change the phone and got a Nokia. I now have 6 contracts with them….

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