Jailbreakme Not Working: Are you having problems?

Earlier on today we reported news on the new JailbreakMe 2.0, the browser-based iPhone 4 jailbreak software update, well now it seems it is not working according to a few sources.

We visited ND Chronicle and some interesting news about the JailbreakMe not working seems to have surfaced and we are calling out to our readers if you are experiencing any problems.

This new update will allow you to jailbreak your iPhone and iPod touch etc via your device rather than PC or laptop, for more information about Jailbreakme 2.0 please read here.

Because this is new and very popular at the moment jailbreakMe.com is being hit with an immense amount of traffic and people seem to be having problems accessing the site, if you are experiencing any issues getting on the site or indeed with the software update itself please let us know below using our comments area provided.


254 thoughts on “Jailbreakme Not Working: Are you having problems?”

  1. David gofff says:

    I can confirm that the jailbreak is not working. I go to the site I slid the bar then nothing happens just a pretty picture of the universe.

    1. Irked says:

      I go on jailbreakme.com and you know the words on suppose to light up and then you slide. Well on mine they don't (light up) so I slide and slide and slide, but nothing happens. I've reboosted it, restored it and turned it off. Tried for days now, can't figure out the problem. I tried on my bros phone and my friends and it works for them.

    2. MF (Half a BAMF) says:

      So jailbreakme.com doesn't work for me. It would DL something, and then go to the springboard, but not cydia… I then thought it was intelligent to restart (NO IT IS NOT) This resulted in the iPhone 4 being stuck at the Apple Logo Reboot Screen, counting to almost 20 mins now…. EPIC FAIL

  2. doug says:

    it worked the first time i did it then i added a few sources to cydia then i got safe mode error everytime i restart so i restored and now it doesnt work

    1. Ubaid says:

      Yhh That Happened Too Me.. I Restored It & It Did The Same gain When I Downloaded Something It Went Into safe Mode.. N Nw Modmyi Source Doesnt Workk

    2. i did the same thing i restored and now its like oops cidya failed last time and when i slide it downloads the first part but it gets to sit tight and closes and no cydia!!

  3. Tk Tillman says:

    I am able to get on the site, slide the bar and watch as it appears to be downloading the software, however the site closes immediately after downloading. No Cydia.

  4. jwilli says:

    same thing here. been trying since last night. I figured there was too much traffic. I even tried in the wee hours of the morning… nothing but a picture of outer space.

  5. jaunty says:

    I can also confirm that the jailbreak is not working. I go to the site I slid the bar then nothing happens just a pretty picture of the universe.

  6. Anon says:

    The servers are being rammed so it's not suprising. The download isn't what I'm worried about. I just want to know issues that occur once the phone is J/broken.

  7. Tracey l says:

    The sane thing happens to my iPod touch 2G mc model…@ david golf

    I caint get my iPod to jailbreak using jailbreakme 2.0 but a couple hours earlier my brother jailbrijen his with jailbreakme 2.0… Why isn’t it working fir me

  8. ninagosaimas says:

    For those who are hoping to do this on their iPod Touch 2G — please don't. It will only make your OS slower. The best platform there is is still the 3.1.3.

    I have upgraded my iPod Touch 2G to iOS 4 and I was disappointed. I upgraded it to iOS 4.1 and the feeling is still the same. iPhone 4 JailBreak Latest News

  9. Jeremy says:

    Same here I havre been refreshing for hours now
    But yesterday when it was first released
    I had it working fine but when I got hone I
    Had to restore and now I can't get my jailbreak back
    How long could it take to repair the servers

  10. fos123ice says:

    The new Jailbreak "Jailbreakme.com" works fine..! I have just gone to this site using my Safari Browser on my Iphone 3G which was running software version 4.0.1 and it took 5 mins to jailbreak.
    Now I have a whole world of additional apps and themes to explore.. The Apple handcuffs are off and no more constraining rules on what I can or cannot put on my iphone..!

  11. Jimbo says:

    I have a 3GS, 4.0, New Bootrom.

    I have successfully got to the download page, however when the download completes, the message 'sit tight' appears briefly then Safari closes.

    I have constantly rebooted, closed background apps, tried on 3G and Wifi, and on the jailbreakme.com and mirror site.

    I'm running out of ideas!

  12. Baz says:

    The site loads quickly and fine and when I move the bar to Jailbreak it starts to download something but quickly informs me that "A server with the specified hostname could not be found".

    Probably just an issue with the demand for one single file.

  13. Lee says:

    Just got the pretty picture of the universe and nothing so rebooted and now something more happened but getting server not found error but before the reboot it did nothing

  14. Jolly-Jumper says:

    Today in the morning (12 hours ago) I could successfully jailbreak my 3GS new bootrom 4.0. Then, at home, about 3 hours ago I updated to 4.01, tried to jailbreak again – same problem as mentioned in here: jailbreakme.com starts to download, the download is done pretty quickly and safari quits. Since an hour ago it says: >>ooops, Server not found<< after trying to download.

    Is the server down or is there another problem?

    1. brafly says:

      I have EXACTLY the same situation. I do not believe this is a server down or traffic overload issue because I have been able to jailbreak other devices in the last hour. It is almost as if the 4.0.1 update sensed the previous jailbreak and is not allowing future jailbreaks.

      1. j1ggy says:

        Same thing here. I jailbroke my 3GS on 4.0, upgraded to 4.0.1, ran into the exact same issue you're having. Safari crashes as soon as the 'sit tight' msg comes up. I've cleared my cookies and cache, rebooted, same thing,

  15. TheSkepticalAtheist says:

    I had initially had the error message which said, "Oops… File received was invalid." Now it keeps saying, "Oops… A server with the specified hostname could not be found." Not sure what's going on.

  16. Jake says:

    try this… I restarted my ipod and then i cleared history cache and cookies in safari settings turned off fraud blocker and popup blocker and then tried it worked

  17. cassie says:

    Hey! I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS earlier with the site and it worked great! Now i’m trying to jailbreak my dad’s phone (3GS). The bar comes up then immediately an error code saying: “Oops… A server with the specified hostname could not be found.” Any ideas??? Please let me know ASAP!

  18. Adam says:

    Worked fine for me last night. My brother tried to use it today and was getting similar errors to those above. As far as the jb itself it's working just fine for me. Cydia is overloaded it seems right now as well as some of the popular repos but I've got most of the usual jb apps loaded and working just fine.

  19. Helper says:


    I have never posted before but i am for this article for some reason!

    The website is running fine, not slow at all, no problem loading the page, no errors occurred while downloading or while jail-breaking.

    However the iPhone 3G went quite slow after Cydia was installed, I gave it a few minutes and it was back up to speed!

    I ran the Cydia application and selected the user type and it started to update the library, so far 1 error "Reloading Data Failed")

    I hit try again, and it started to reload again, apparently some of the Cydia files were out of date! so I did a complete update. (Pop Up Appears)

    After the update Cydia worked fine, no error!… Cydia did take a while to load thats about it.

    I started the Jailbreak at 9:00, with the complete installation it was 9:17 so it took about 20 mins for it to work correctly.

    Hope this helped, and hope it works for you guys!

    Remember to keep updating the files so they are up to date! BTW Cydia is very slow!

    If errors do come after this post, I will let you guys know!

  20. Vic says:

    It worked fine on my iPhone 4 4.0 first time, I got a few apps on there all running ok, then not too long ago I plugged it into iTunes and for some reason it wanted to restore the phone, I couldn’t understand why. Now I’ve just realised that I can’t play any music. Hit play and nothing happens. Hmm

  21. Drew says:

    Last night 8/1/2010 around 5pm PST I was able to jailbreak my iPhone 4 no issues and Cydia loaded. I was able to get ROCKAPP installed and restored my apps, however, then it broke Springboard. On another one of my iphones the ability to swipe the button does not work. On yet another one of my iphones I get the results most people are having regarding hostname not found or it saying that it downloads and then nothing happens.

  22. Flying J says:

    I am in agreement with David Goff. Not only is the jailbreak not working, but it is also not working on ANY firmware. I have tried such with 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 AND 4.0 so far, results all remain the same. I am running on iPod Touch 2G MC Model and if ANYONE can help the jailbreak that would be great thank you

  23. johnpob says:

    i got it to jailbreak but cydia was messing up my phone big time couldent download or install anything just restored my phone gonna try again if not im just gonna go with redsn0w

  24. davesanchez says:

    Has worked for me jailbreaked twice with jailbreakme.com as i got stuck in reboot on cydia as for it not working and you just getting pic turn your phone of and on again and try again worked for me last night when i first tried comex the creater did tweet this as a solution hope this helps11

  25. Ok, had 4 hours of this not working so went to home screen, double clicked to get the multitasking programs up, long hold on Safari and click the terminate symbol.

    Loaded Safari then and it automatically went to jailbreakme.com and loaded fine.

  26. Sleeper says:

    Jailbreakme worked fine for me. Cydia now available, but servers are so jammed that loading is a problem. Just gonna wait a couple of days. But otherwise phone works fine.

  27. Matty says:

    I had the same problem when I slide the link and error comes up! I had to go onto my cellular data and change my MMS max message size! And then it downloaded perfectly πŸ™‚ people have a go and see what happens

  28. august02.ie says:

    It works. Rebooted my iPhone, went to Settings – Safari and enabled JavaScript and accept cookies. Reboot and launched jailbreakme.com – all installed. Problems arise with pirated apps…. cannot get them installed.

  29. same here

    but i did it for my other 3gs and evrything works great , then i try it to my 3g and now i have the same message everytime oops…

    a server with the specified hostname could not be found.

  30. Don says:

    Yep that did it. I had to just restart my phone and I was able to get past the universe screen. Hold down the top right button to shut down, then again hold it down to restart. Then when I went to jailbreakme.com it crashed safari, so I restarted safari and then it all went smoothly. My phone is the 3gs with the old bootrom running 4.01

  31. Amira says:

    I have cydia now on my ipod BUT when i try to download things it says stuff is "unreachable" r failure to catche or whatever. this is not good considering it's kind of pointless to jailbreak if cydia doesnt work what's wrong?

  32. chad says:

    It seemed to have worked partly i get cydia on my screen but cydia is filled with errors saying cached failure etc. so i got cydia but it doesnt work lol

  33. murtaza says:

    the first time i tried this i was on my iphone 3gs new bootrom iOS 4.0, jailbreakme worked perfectly even unlocked my iphone. so i decided to update to 4.0.1 and then jailbreak, bad idea…took me 78 tries but jailbreakme finally worked and cydia appeared on my homescreen. now when i try to download an app from cydia, it doesn't work, i get an error "host unreachable…etc." perhaps its the overwhelmed cydia servers?? anyone??

  34. 890 says:

    Im jailbreaking right now and for some reason its stuck on the "jailbreaking….sit tight" for the past 10 min ? Has this happened to anyone else ? should i just turn off my phone and retry it ?

  35. USB says:

    Couldn't even slide the bar!!!! I Clear the history, cache, and cookies and enabled java script. Turned the phone off and back on…….. It worked!!!!!!

  36. Danielle says:

    I just used the jailbreakme went through fine first time around. I tried installing one of the keyboards and it downloaded everything then asked to reboot. I hit reboot and now my phone is stuck on the apple screen that shows up when you first turn the phone on. I can’t do anything to get out of it. I can’t even restore because iTunes doesn’t realize the phone is plugged in.



  37. punk says:

    need help, after you jailbreak the phone with jailbreakme and then restore your phone afterwards for any reason, the jailbreakme doesn’t work again, cause as soon as “sit tight comes” it crashes. Can anyone help me please???

  38. Andy says:

    Anyone else having Cydia issues, unable to reach host type?? Jailbraek was fine, but Cydia will not update and stalls while trying to install UltraSn0w??

  39. Lucky says:

    I also had the problem where the slide would not move. I rebooted numerous times after clearing the history, chache and cookies. Nothing changes. Finally I accepted “all” cookies and turned Java scripts “ON”. That was the key. It worked after that.

  40. Adam says:

    Ya here too. I can slide the bar but it wont download, It keeps giving me errors like 'cannot find host server' or something like that. I got it to work before but i had to restore (it had NOTHING to do with the jailbreak).

  41. Joe C says:

    Had same prob, heres how i fixed: first i should say i used it on 4.0 then i updated to 4.01 and lost cydia. then i couldnt get it to work. so i restored my iphone4 to factory 4.01, then jailbroke, then restored from backup. everything works great. hope this helps someone.

    1. Marek Walker says:

      The same thing happened to me. Go into settings and into Safari settings. Make sure that you have Javascript turned ON. Then go back to the site and refresh the page and it should work.


  42. patty l says:

    i have jailbreak! only thing is, when i go to cydia – no winterboard! allot of themes not there as my previous 3G jailbroken phone. =( i'm going to try to jailbreak again and see what happens

  43. Hotstepper says:

    sliding bar solution.
    1.Enable javascript in Safari go to settings > safari > turn on javascript
    2.Clean your browser history go to Settings > Safari > clear History, Cashe and Cookies
    3.Reboot Iphone
    4.open safari type Jailbreakme.com sliding bar will be working πŸ™‚

  44. bigPwillie says:

    I tried it several times on my 3g with no luck. Cydia was never installed. I even tried using the redsn0w and it didn't work. Then I realized that I had exactly enough apps installed that my iphone wouldn't allow anymore. I deleted one app, tried jailbreakme.com again, and it worked.

  45. meth says:

    LISTEN UP GUYS!! i had same prob as most peoplefor hours and hours , it downloaded then flashed up "hold tight" then closed. i tried most stuff deleating cookies, history etc.. didnt work. but what has just worked is a phone restore just done it now and it worked 1st time. Iphone 3G 8gb

  46. Shaggy!! says:

    Hi guys I done it yesterday as soon as the website went up and it worked for me I’ve got cydia and loads of other cool stuff I jut think that so many people are trying to jailbreak and the website/server has crashed so if like you give it some time I’m pretty sure it will work πŸ™‚

    And I have a iPod touch 3rd gen on 4.0 firmware

    Also have tried on a iPhone 3GS on 4.0 and it worked on that to πŸ™‚

  47. Berk says:

    Im sliding for jailbreak a bar pops out and downloads and says it might take a while im starting waiting but then it crushes and says "oops seems like the installer crashed the last time you tried to jailbreak :(" i tried everything reboot backup deleting cookies and stuff but its simply not working. Disappointing πŸ™

  48. ttr says:

    upgrading (3.0/PwnageTool401) to 3.0.1 with Jailbreakme crashed immediately after the downloading.
    Perhaps PDF Loading Warner was the problem?
    The following sequence worked well.
    There was no need to restore as a new phone.

    jailbreakme (got some warnings about wrong language)
    Rockapp login (no backups found on first try)
    Rockapp restore from backup (you are running out of disk space. Please delete some photos or videos)
    iTunes restore from the backup
    Rock prompts to change root and mobile passwords.
    reinstall Appsync for iOS 4.0

  49. batty says:

    ok i had the same problem…i just kept trying for about 5 times,after it had said sit tight,it just froze at purple screen..i did a simple reboot and its all good…3gs wth new boot rom πŸ™‚

  50. logan says:

    jailbroke my phone fast and easy and did some things on it then it turned off and know it wont go past the apple screen it starts loading with the loading symbol then frezzes and wont turn on

    1. Marinka42 says:

      I got exactly the same thing… also got some weird coloured bar on the right side above the apple logo… Can’t turn on my phone. πŸ™ I know this happened to you a year ago, but d’you know what to do?

  51. puju says:

    i did manage to jailbreak, and install some apps but my phone froze a lot, I am trying to restore, but it freezes again and does not complete restore, now my phone is in limbo. any ideas how to fix this

  52. sam says:

    Mine goes through the jailbreak and puts cydia on the hom escreen. But when launch it, it states
    Error:Refreshing Data
    /usr/lib/apt/methods/http could not be found
    the Method driver
    /usr/lib/apt/methods/http could not be found

  53. Asif says:

    Its not working for me. My Iphone 4 is at 4.0.1 level and I cannot get this to work. I can access the site but it displays a message that the installer has crashed and try again. But all the subsequent attempts have failed also. Either the website is getting hammered or Safari is blocking the download. Either way.. extremely Annoying..

  54. vtec1998 says:

    It’s incredible. I just enter to the website with safari, move the bar and shazam!!!! …..15 minutes later, Cydia appears in screen…..

  55. Sam says:

    I have a iPod touch 2g when I slide the arrow it slides then safari closes when I restart safari jailbreakme.com says the installer crashed and tells me to try again I’ve tried many times but I get the same error

  56. sk8ter girl says:

    i tried jailbreaking over a hundred times and it kept on saying oops, installer crashed blah blah blah!!!
    Someone help cuz i hav no idea wats goin on! πŸ™

  57. DMc says:

    i just restored my iphone 4. i can get onto the site but when i slide the bar i get "oops…file received was invalid". Ive cleared my cache, history & cookies and it still doesnt help

  58. Hardeep says:

    It worked for me yesterday, but I accidently upgraded my iPod to 4.0.2. Iv got it bak to 4.0 but it keeps saying invalid file and iv tried the other ways

  59. jbutler says:

    the site loads perfectly and quickly but as was previously stated by countless people, it does one of two things:

    1.) it freezes the safari browser and boots me out

    2.) it freezes the entire device and resets after some scary fuzzy screen action.

    if it is traffic issues, it should be fixed buy seting timed apointments for use or by creating many different url’s for the same purpose. if it is the actual software entering the device, FIX IT SOMEBODY!!!!!!

    p.s. i have a 2g 8 gb ipod touch runing 3.1.2 firmware.

  60. guys i thought id share this

    the slide bar move it accross slowly it worked for me i was trying for about 2 hours and then instead of speedin the cross bar i did it slowly and now im on the sit tight jailbreaking screen πŸ™‚

    im not 100% this will work for all but its worth a try

  61. Brittany says:

    I can access the page, however everytime I attempt to JB it says "oops file received was invaild" what does that mean? Also, when I close out of the page and go back (even after restarting) Once I am at the page again it says "it loos like the installer crashed last time you tried to jb it might work if you try again" but it doesn't work..I've tried about 15 times now. Any help? Ideas?

  62. Yes i'm having it say
    Oops… Invaled invalid
    I even restore my iPod touch 3G MC in iTunes still samething luckly iTunes kepted a backup for my ipod so i can restore but this is taking the piss i upgraded from 3.1.3 happy with my jailbreak now on 4.0 i can't jailbreak because it can't get the file D:

  63. nikkititah says:

    i've tried this yesterday.went to the site,slid the bar then a picture of the universe came on the screen then my ipod touch ver 3.1.3 rebooted itself.nothing happened!!!!

  64. Jason says:

    Been trying for hours like 4 or 5,, n still comes up with the same thing Oops… File received was invalid.
    Could really use some help………….

  65. Tyler says:

    The site loads but then when I slide the bar it says oops file received invalid I’m running 4.0 on 2G any answers why please somebody fix this it worked before when I used this site but not now ughh

  66. Mr Midnight says:

    okay everyone Try this out….i just did and worked :
    Settings—->Safari—–>Clear History/Clear Cookies/Clear Cache
    Accept Cookies—->Never
    Now do hard rest (Home Button+Power Button) it will turn off then on
    Now Try http://www.jailbreakme.com

    Have Fun

  67. James69 says:

    My friend told me about this and said that it is really cool. But when I tried to do it no my iPod the thing on the bottom would not slid at all.

  68. anilsen0711 says:

    I came to this site because it was not working for me at first. I went to a couple sites and they suggested a couple things.

    1. enable pop ups in safari settings
    2. also clear your browsing cache
    3. reboot your phone

    I did these three things and it worked fine for me.

    Best of luck to you all!!!!

  69. Des says:

    okay i have 2generation ipod and its 3.1.3 mb er time i go to jailbreakme.com it crashes when i try to get back on it says oops blah blah….. nd crashes again pls help

  70. Hi

    It’s seems that if your on 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 the comex version does not seem to work, if you use the redsn0w 9.5-5 latest version then it should work, I have a 3G 8gb and on 4.0.2 but was on 4.0.1 and it worked on both using redsn0w.

  71. I had those problems what I had to do is upload all ur pic to ur computer then go th iPhone settings and reset all it will erase ur phone then go to jailbreakme.com and slide it will work then u will have to sync with iTunes

  72. silentartist says:

    i keep getting the "Placeholder Page" and something about a server package. i tried deleting cach history cookies etc and restarting and it still does the same. is the website down or something? maybe got shut down. if so sucks it happens as soon as i get my ipod :/

  73. jake says:

    hey i didnt read any comments but ive been sitting here for hours and i finally figured it out…so if u guys dont already know, there is a mirror website jailbreakme.CA works perfect. thank you smart nerdy people!

  74. derek says:


    1. Marinka42 says:

      I got exactly the same thing… Do you know what to do? πŸ™ I know it’s been a year but I’d really like to get my iPod working again πŸ™

  75. zzzzz says:

    i have used this program twice and the same thing has happened. On power up, the apple icon comes up just as normal, but then a wheel will start to spin. the last time this happened, my iPod kept crashing. How can i fix this? please help

  76. patrick says:

    ipod second gen with 3.1.3 installed on it and it crashes and goes to the little apple in the middle of the screen for 5 minutes or so and reboots to regular ipod os.

  77. Justin says:

    I went to jailbreakme on my iPod touch and when I went to slide the bar it wouldent work it just plane it’s supposed to have this shyney thing going acrost bu it dosent ?how do I make the bar slide ?

  78. richard says:

    i tried the website it froze sometimes and just had the purple background i tried 52 times comex needs to make a new website or needs more servers so i cant jailbreak my ipod touch 2g mc model if any one knows any more websites please tell me

  79. Kelcey Bradley says:

    I have been trying all morning and I can slide the bar but I just get the purple screen… I was so excited too because I have the MC model and have not been able to jailbreak yet. I want to play earthbound!!!!

  80. Mike says:

    can anyone help with me with trouble rebooting after my jailbreak. I am running 4.0. I cant get my phone back into to dev mode to restore it… thanks

  81. Cronik says:

    i jailbroke my ipod on 3.0.X and it wont install the saurik repo properley! ive added in manually but nohing has happened! any ideas anyone

  82. Marinka42 says:

    I tried to download the Cydia, but it wouldn’t turn up on my home screen. I tried rebooting my iPod but it won’t turn on πŸ™ I get stuck on the Apple logo, with some weird colored bar right above the logo and a spinning loading wheel thingy… does anyone know what to do? help me please!

  83. Wazup22 says:

    I have iPod 4g iOS 4.3.5 and it says that in order to jailbreak my iPod I need to downgrade it and I dot know how or if there is a better way. Please help

  84. MeMe Turpin says:

    I tried to use jailbreakme and it tells me that it want work on my device ( iphone 4 7.1.2) then redirects me to pangu and it says the same plz help. Btw I tried the cydia app and it want let me select anything other than developer which ask me for cydia key which I haven’t got and obviously no way of getting one so that want help either

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