Twitter Mobile Question: What phone do you tweet from?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking and micro-blogging services at the moment and is becoming the most used of all time, we all know by now that it is used to send and read tweets that users send.

There are many mobile phones on the market now and users tweet all the time via their handsets, this is the time where we ask you kindly to let us know what brand and model phone you use to send tweets to Twitter.

We personally use the Apple iPhone 4 and a couple of other handsets, there are many different apps on certain mobile phones that have been around like Tweetie, Official Twitter, ceTwit, PocketTweets, TwittelatorPro, TwitterBerry, TwitterFon and so many more.

To cut a long story short we are simply asking you to let us know what mobile phone you are using and what app as well, it just gives us an insight of what mobile phone is most popular using Twitter to send tweets.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Mobile Question: What phone do you tweet from?”

  1. kestrel1960 says:

    I use a HTC Desire & tweet using the Twitter & Peep Apps but also use the HTC Friendstream widget & occasionally go online to the Twitter website.

  2. laubin says:

    I use a Motorola Droid X phone using Twidroid, no widget and like kestrel1960 via mobile browser now and then.