BlackBerry Torch AT&T Release Date and Price

Hot news here for you BlackBerry fans in relation to the BlackBerry Torch otherwise known as 9800 and when it will be released.

The news comes thanks to Chris Ziegler over at Engadget.com and it is expected even though it hasn’t been announced yet to be announced during the New York event.

The very long rumoured BlackBerry Torch is being offered on AT&T’s site giving you the opportunity to sign up and receive a notification as to when you can get your hands on one.

Some features of the device include a 5 megapixel camera which comes with flash, full qwerty on a portrait slide along with of course BlackBerry 6 which provides a all new browsing experience and a heap of other features. 4 GB of storage is included onboard and a 4GB microSD card is inside the box. You’ve got 512MB of ROM and RAM plus much more. It is said to hit the third party retail locations and AT&T from 12th August and cost just $199.99 with a contract.


6 thoughts on “BlackBerry Torch AT&T Release Date and Price”

  1. muziqjunkie says:

    The phone looks extremely dated and I have no clue what would possess them to launch this phone on AT&T, the only network where this phone would truly have a chance is on Verizon. And to the person above, the Iphone was not the first phone to feature a front facing camera…

  2. Blackberry 9800 user says:

    Have a chance on Verizon? WHO are YOU kidding? Verizon is outdated. They need to start using GSM and join the rest of the world, and get OUT of the 1980's!

  3. Genisis says:

    I worked for At&t for almost 3 years. They are the leading wireless carrier. Verizon is ok now…but in a few years when the CDMA and TDMA networks fail completely…Verizon will be left in the dust and the GSM carriers will be the only service providers. Thumbs up to blackberry for thinking ahead and launching this awesome smart phone on the best network around.

  4. melissa says:

    i love the look of this phone! hoping its coming to the UK before christmas, does anyone know if its coming on pay as you go and you can use a sim-only contract on it? :/ thankyou. x

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