BlackBerry Torch Hands On Video and Details

The BlackBerry Torch which we have reported on earlier here has found its way into the hands of the folks over at engadget.com and thanks to Nilay Patel we can share with you the results were.

To start with not very good as the device which they had wasn’t actually powering on initially but then on the second attempt it did and it was found that the hardware was quite nice and the keyboard apparently feels similar to the Tour or the Bold.

In terms of software from what has been experienced so far it would seem that the Operating system overwhelms the hardware a little bit an example of this the phone basically locked up while it loaded Engadget in the new Webkit browser.

Having said that when it was finished loading is ran smoothly and responded well to both panning and also zooming. Have a look at the video here and see what you make of it. Feel free to share any comments or opinions you should get the basic feel for the new OS.

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