Verizon iPhone Secret Foxconn Factory: Apple Secrecy

Said to be capable of dishing out 200,000 iPhones on a daily basis is the new Foxconn manufacturing facility which is expected to all set to break ground.

The article recently published by Bob Bhatnagar over at iphonefaq also claims that the new Foxconn manufacturing factory is going to be employing roughly the same amount of workers in order to fulfil the demand.

The factory is in total secrecy which obviously prompts some discussion as to what Apple’s long term plans for the facility may involve. We are all fully aware that the demand for the iPhone 4 surpassed expectations and has proudly set records for Apple.

There is currently still a three week wait for the device showing on Apple Store online. Shortages have clearly hampered the company’s efforts as have production problems in launching the White iPhone 4 which is expected later this year. Apple as we know are well known for there secrecy both in the development department and also the research areas. Although they have suffered problems which leaked onto the internet in relation to antenna issues and Internet problems the recent reports indicate that the Foxconn factory could be enough to separate iPhone manufacturing for US carrier Verizon Wireless from the GSM model. We will of course update you as and when we hear more.


One thought on “Verizon iPhone Secret Foxconn Factory: Apple Secrecy”

  1. RMW says:

    Yeah, keep posting those Verizon iPhone rumors and one day you might be right – just like "the world is ending" nut jobs.

    As long as Verizon sticks to the CDMA requirement (even after LTE is up and running) they will get nothing. Get with the majority of the world already Verizon and get rid of that dead CDMA system.

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