BlackBerry UAE Headlock: Apple vs. RIM

We reported just now that the UAE is planning on banning several of the features found on BlackBerry smartphones, you can read that particular article (here), well apparently it looks like there is at least on potential winner to come out on top of this confrontation between RIM BlackBerry and the United Arab Emirates.

According to an article over on FT Beyond-Brics by Robin Wigglesworth, the dominant telecoms operator of the UAE still promeinently displays BlackBerry smartphones their sales reps warn potential customers away from the devices and recommend they purchase an Apple iPhone.

A saleswoman for the company says, “I’m not happy about it [the ban] either but what can you do?” The saleswoman is a part of the estimated 500,000 BlackBerry owners within the UAE which could see their smartphones basically being rendered useless.

A Dubai based financial analyst and BlackBerry user has said, “It reflects badly on the UAE, at a time when the country is trying to portray itself as a business hub. It’s a step backwards.”

However apparently there could be a solution in the wings as RIM has announced they will share tech codes for corporate emails in India with Indian security agencies, so it may be only a matter of time before RIM concedes to do the same in the UAE.

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