RIM BlackBerry Stand Firm over Middle East Ban

It appears that BlackBerry smartphone owners in the Middle East may soon find their smartphone receiving silence as apparently the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have announced they will ban numerous functions on BlackBerry devices in October.

According to an article over on AOL News by David Knowles and by way of a WSJ article, the Middle East ban on several functions of BlackBerry handset could make the Research In Motion handsets little more than a standard mobile phone.

Research In Motion is standing behind their BlackBerry smartphones though and have release a statement saying they will “not compromise the integrity and security of the BlackBerry” by giving the owners private info to “any third party to read encrypted information under any circumstances.”

According to RIM “BlackBerry security architecture was specifically designed to provide corporate customers with the ability to transmit information wirelessly while also providing them with the necessary confidence that no one, including RIM, could access their data.”