Aurora Sound Studio Review and Problems: Consumer

If you own an iPhone and are into music but aren’t too sure how to make music then Aurora for the iPhone may be the mobile app you are looking for as this application enables the user to make great music on their iPhone.

Basically Aurora is a pattern based musical sequencing software that when the user picks a musical scale every note played is in “perfect tune” thus enabling the user to compose great sounding tunes, and if you’re more accomplished you can switch the app to advanced mode which delivers a complete set of musical instruments and effects.

Aurora for iPhone has now been updated to version 1.0.2 and VFC is now displayed correctly in all synth modules and furthermore Aurora for iPhone is now compatible with iOS 4 and available for download from iTunes for $9.99.

What we would like is for any of our readers who download and make music with Aurora for iPhone to send us in their personal reviews of the app along with any problems they may have experienced, and you can do so by posting your review and /or problem in our comments area below…many thanks.