Intel Should Develop Its Own iPad and iPhone

Intel is killing its time waiting for its partners to build the equivalent on an iPad, and iPhone. Due to Intelís hiring of a former Palm, and Apple executive Mike Bell, Intel should eliminate the silly process of watching customers like Hewlett-Packard, and Acer prattle about Intel-based tablets, and then do nothing.

According to Friday’s announcement, Bell in his new role will lead a team with a charter to build breakthrough smart phone reference designs with the explicit intent of accelerating Intel architecture into the market. A reference design that is necessarily a product blueprint for customers will do little for inspiring Intel-based designs in the brave new markets for smart phones, and tablets. Intel does not carry the clout (potential for revenue streams) in the market as it does in PCs. However, U.K based ARM does. Though as a tiny chip company by comparison, it is surrounded by muscular chip manufacturers (not unlike Intel) like Samsung, Texas Instruments, and Qualcomm, who have large customers – Apple, Motorola, and RIM, to name a few.

Intel is just another chipmaker in tablets and smart phones and is not seen as competitive to boot. By making it priority, Intel should summon up a lot of design and manufacturing experts for the tablet. Before MacBook Air and Dell Adamo, one of the first eye-catching ultrathin laptop designs came from Intel. Because of the conflicting issues with its customers, Intel cannot build its own laptops, but it is a significant issue with tablets. Definitely HP, Dell or Acer will not really work hard for designing a great Intel based tablet. It will be more difficult when later this year LG or another company will come out with a decent smart phone. Though Intel smart phone would be a much trickier proposition, Google problems with its Nexus One are not also less.

It will be dangerous if the smart phone makers do not bring out slick Intel-based phones. It is the time for Intel to get realistic, and get ready for facing the problem that it is going to face if it will not change its mold, and will not go for new, and eye catching designs at least for the tablet. Android operating system that is system of choice already exists. In the earnings conference call Tuesday Intel executives said that tablets are simply additive to the market. It is not very significant yet. Their saying is apparently correct, but there arises a question if you do not consider them at fault. Will Intel keep on saying this while consigning itself to insignificance in the device markets that are coming with the devices that are in fashion and liked by all?

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2 thoughts on “Intel Should Develop Its Own iPad and iPhone”

  1. Lucian Armasu says:

    Whenever a company offers something to all other companies, but they are not doing it in a great way, people start suggesting that they should do their own this or that – just like Apple! They've suggested Google to make their own phone, Microsoft to make their own tablet, and now Intel to make both a phone and a tablet!

    This is all pointless and won't succeed.

    What Apple has done is not a "best practice". It's not like any other company could achieve Apple's success, just by integrating and making their own products. Apple is rather the exception because of their history, company culture and mentality – not the rule.

    Intel may have lost the mobile market for good:

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