Telstra iPhone 4 Plans and Pricing: Are they a rip off?

Is it all true that Telstra T-Life stores are charging Apple iPhone 4 customers much more than they advertise on its website?

According to ‘The Sunday Morning Herald’ some customers have been asked to sign contracts and being charged more than $1000 in extra charges, which is a lot different that is advertised by Telstra, apparently the company is well aware of the problem.

Dependant on whether you have chosen the 16GB or 32GB version and of course the size on the monthly cap Telstra charge customers an upfront cost for the Apple iPhone 4 smartphone in addition to the monthly cost of the plan.

Say for example you purchase the iPhone 4 16GB at $49 per month, you will be charged $149 up front under the advertised prices but then some of T-Life stores are charging an extra $25 a month on top, which basically means you will be paying an extra $600 over the life of the contract.

Some customers have not been charged the $149 cost for the iPhone 4 but have been charged $42 a month over the life of the contract, which adds up to around $1000 over two years.

If you have purchased the Apple iPhone 4 via Telstra please let us know what plan you have and how much you have been charged, we want to know what you paid for the smartphone upfront (If you did that is) and please do let us know how much you are paying per month for your contract.

If you feel you are being ripped off we want to know about it, so do you think they are a rip off?


2 thoughts on “Telstra iPhone 4 Plans and Pricing: Are they a rip off?”

  1. kk1910 says:

    NO rip off here, i am totally satified with my local store on the Goldcoast – in fact i have bought my last 2 iPhones from them and they treat me TOPS…..

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