Android Gains Copy and Paste App: Video

For all you Android users who have been waiting for a developer to come up with a copy and paste app for Android, your wait is over as apparently there is now one such application available to download and is called Copy Paste It.

According to an article by Kelex over at Droid-life, Copy Paste It for Android even works in Gmail. The Copy Paste It app basically allows the user to copy text from any screen on your android device to you clipboard and paste it elsewhere, and apparently even allows the user to select words on images.

The one small problem with Copy Paste It is since it basically takes screenshots of your text the application requires root access which means this particular app is just for Android rooters for now.

Anyway we have a video demo of Copy Paste It in action for your viewing pleasure below which lasts almost a minute and a half and there is a trial version and a $3.99 version of the app available in the Android Market…enjoy.