iPhone 4 Antennagate Tested by Cambridge Technology Centre: Video

Okay so there are many complaints about the antenna on the new iPhone 4, you may have noticed the large amount of coverage that come to be known as “Antennagate.” Apple although admitting the new iPhone 4 does have issues with the antenna, has also been pointing the finger at a multitude of other smartphones.

Well it appears that PA Consulting decided to get some experts to take a gander at the iPhone 4 antenna and test the latest device to drop from the Apple tree, and they videoed the occasion which naturally we bring to you for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog .

The iPhone 4 antenna test video lasts almost five minutes and sees the iPhone 4 put to the tests at the UK’s Cambridge Technology Centre and whilst waiting for said tests results, a consumer panel discussed possible “fixes” to the iPhone 4 antenna problem.

So to find out just how well the iPhone 4 came out after the Cambridge Technology Centre test and if that consumer panel actually came up with any viable “fix” hit up the video below and enjoy.

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