White iPhone 4 Delay Reason Imperfect Frames?

The debacle of the delay of the white iPhone 4 continues and with it more rumour of just why the white version keeps on being delayed. The rumour was that there was an issue with the paint thickness for the front of the iPhone 4, but now we are hearing a new rumour.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, website WhiteiPhone4Now is saying the reason for the delay in the white iPhone 4 being released is because of a manufacturing fault that has been delivering “rough and bent” iPhone 4 frames.

To prove their information the website has posted an image of a “rough and bent” iPhone 4 white frame; however apparently this issue has according to OEM sources now been solved and thus production of the white iPhone 4 is now back on schedule whatever that may be.

Of course, a website saying they are privy to why the white iPhone 4 has been delayed and posting an image which may or may not have been photoshopped doesn’t make it true, but no doubt until Apple start pushing out the white version more speculations to its delay will continue.

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