Original Droid hardware wont support a mobile hotspot

As we are all aware it is this week that the original Droid should be getting Android 2.2 update but sadly it seems that the much wanted and eagerly awaited update wont bring everything we want with it.

A recent article published over on Engadget.com via phonescoop claims that it wont come with either tethering nor mobile hotspot. Of course we want to know why that is , although tethering quite simply is due to the lack of an application which isn’t part of this update, what about the mobile hotspot/

A spokesperson from Verizon Brenda Raney has stated that the droid doesn’t have the hardware in order to support a mobile hotspot, and that’s as simple as that. No other information was provided.

We would assume that the real reason may be that the issue isn’t lack of hardware but perhaps too much of it namely the Droid 2 and Droid X.

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