iPhone 4 Jailbreak FaceTime 3G Calling, Fring is Easier

The new Apple iPhone 4 Jailbreak is all the talk at the moment and one of the main topics is being able to chat with someone using FaceTime video calling over 3G and not the supposed Wi-Fi.

Well now according to Engadget you can now chat using FaceTime over 3G thanks to the new jailbreak, apparently the iPhone 4 has already been hacked to do such a thing using MiFi but to use 3G would be good.

All you need is the My3G Cydia app, which will allow you to run Wi-Fi apps over 3G, doing it this way you would have thought there would have been problems but according to the source above there were no problems at all with the FaceTime video quality but frame rates will suffer a little dependant on what connection you are using.

Watch the video below (Video via 9to5Mac) and you will see that a FaceTime call has been accepted using 3G only, now this is great but you can use Fring over 3G without any problems what so ever, please watch the video then let us know what you think of the above.

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