Android Bashes iPhone and BlackBerry as Top US Smartphone OS

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry has been king of the hill over in the states for quite some time, and then along came Apple and the iPhone which has been kicking BlackBerry in the US popularity stakes. But then a new smartphone operating system entered the equation, Google’s Android OS.

Well according to a Vlad Savov article over on Engadget, the latest figures from NPD shows that US consumers have been voting with their cash and made Android flavour of Q2 2010, and marks the first time Research In Motion’s BlackBerry has dropped the crown of most purchased smartphone operating system in the USA.

According to the figures, 33% of mobile phones sold during the period touted the Android operating system, while RIM’s BlackBerry snatched 28 percent of the market and Apple’s iconic iPhone followed in the shadows of Android and BlackBerry with 22 percent.

The reasons for the climb in Android OS popularity is probably down to the large screen Android smartphones from HTC and Motorola which seem to be attracting the mobile public at the moment. So if you want the full skinny on those figures, Engadget has the complete detailed low down.

So does this mean that Android is becoming a more powerful presence against the iPhone and BlackBerry in the states, and that BlackBerry and iPhone just might be losing the battle? What do our readers think?

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