BlackBerry Torch, iPhone 4, Droid X Poll: Vote for Favourite

There are several excellent smartphones hitting the mobile arena lately, the new BlackBerry Torch, which apparently AT&T thinks is going to help them survive once they lose the iPhone, then there is of course the iPhone 4, which has seen its fair share of bad press lately, but nonetheless is an excellent smartphone.

Of course there are other great smartphones out there such as the Samsung Galaxy S range on all four major US carriers and now available in the UK via O2, so lets not forget the Android powered smartphones, particularly the Droid X.

All these smartphones have their own attributes offering different features for different people, and although the iPhone 4 has seen a large problem with its antenna issue, it can still easily hold its own against the likes of the BlackBerry Torch and Droid X.

So we though we’d run a little poll to see what smartphone people prefer, you may be an iPhone fan, BlackBerry fan or Android fan. So we’d love to know given the choice, and putting the Samsung Galaxy S aside as there are so many versions popping up, which of these three smartphones would you say is your favourite, the BlackBerry Torch, the iPhone 4, or the Droid X?

We’d like you to cast your vote for your favourite in our poll, which can be done below, and if you wish you can post us a comment as to why your choice is your favourite in our comments area as well…many thanks.

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4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Torch, iPhone 4, Droid X Poll: Vote for Favourite”

  1. RBrown says:

    I want to try the BB Torch because I have the BB Storm 2, so buttons are the same not too many changes, wouldn't have to re-learn the whole phone. But this is my 2nd Storm 2 and I had 2 Storm 1's, since June 2009. So kinda upset with BB at the moment, I really don't trust the Torch to be anything like they say at this point. Leaning toward the Droid X, but I'll give it a little time, see how they work for others.

  2. rockface says:

    It might be a better discussion (or article) if you focused on the mobile operating systems rather than the phone hardware. Windows, Android, iOS, BB and (that other one?)

  3. steve jobs says:

    not an android lover but have to admit that after seeing and playing with my friend's droid x…it's an amazing phone. just as good if not better than the iphone4

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