Nokia N8 vs. Motorola Milestone vs. Samsung Omnia HD Screen Wars: Video

So we just had the browser wars video and now we have a screen comparison war video pitting the screens of the Samsung Omnia HD against the Nokia N8 against the Motorola Milestone and all for your viewing entertainment.

This battle of the mobile screens comparison video comes to us courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of the guys over at Finestfones, and is an extremely short comparison video at just 37 seconds.

So here’s what each smartphone is packing, the Nokia N8 is claimed to sport a “second generation” AMOLED screen, the Samsung Omnia HD again packs an AMOLED white the Motorola Milestone sports an LCD screen, and all 3 have 16:9 aspect ratio.

So which of these smartphones comes out on top in the smartphone screen stakes? Well to find out all you need to do is skip on down and mash the play button, although apparently you can’t tell a great deal from the video, but the Omnia HD seems to be the brightest…enjoy.

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