Samsung Adds Telescopic Antenna to Galaxy S for Brazil

Has Samsung gone all nostalgic over their Samsung Galaxy S smartphone by adding a telescopic antenna to the mix for the Samsung Galaxy S in Brazil? Well not really as apparently that telescopic antenna does have a modern purpose.

According to Chuong Nguyen of Pocket Now and by way of the guys over on Tecnoblog, Sammy has planted the telescopic antenna into the Brazilian Galaxy S smartphone for digital television, and up until now the Brazilian version is the only Galaxy S to feature the antenna.

Presumable the hope is the extendable antenna will boost digital television signal so Brazilians get to watch it on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 inch Super AMOLED display.

Oh and one other thing, that telescopic antenna may look like a thing of times gone by but apparently it isn’t required for making a voice call, but just for watching TV.

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