Nokia N900 Mind Control with ThinkContacts App: Video

Okay just how far are mobile applications supposed to go? To the point of allowing a smartphone to read your mind perhaps or is that taking things just a step too far? Well apparently not when it comes to the ThinkContacts mobile app.

According to an article over on Daily Mobile, ThinkContacts has been developed for the Maemo platform using QT and enables the user to pick a contact from a mobile phones address book and then make a call simply by only using brain activity.

Yep sound pretty farfetched doesn’t it, a mobile phone app being able to read brain activity just sounds way too much like a Star Trek accessory. However apparently it works and just so you can find out we have a video for your entertainment below.

In the just over three minute video, the Thinkcontacts application is demonstrated on a Nokia N900 smartphone and using a NeuroSky mindset headset. So if you want to find out what its all about, mash the play button and all will be explained…enjoy.