Apple, iPhone, iPad, Not Everyone Loves them

Yes there are many people that simply love Apple and all things Apple, but on the other hand there are people that don’t, but just how far would you go to make sure you don’t share an apartment with an Apple fan? Would you advertise on Cragslist for would-be apartment pals on the basic that they don’t have anything Apple for example?

Well according to a Jesus Diaz article over on Gizmodo by way of the New York Observer, that’s just what one 25 year old Apple hater, did. Apparently the guy was moving to New York and was willing to fork out $1400 for a room in SoHo but with the proviso he wouldn’t share with anyone who uses an iPhone, iPad or basically any other Apple product.

Here’s what the advert stated…”I refuse to live with anyone that has sold their immortal soul to Steve Jobs. I don’t care about your app that tells you when you need to water your plants. I don’t care that your phone can function as a Speak N Spell. I don’t care that your phone has a million “exciting” features that exist elsewhere. No IPHONES. Oh, and probably no iPads either. Upon meeting, you must show me your phone (no scammers! I will be calling it in person to confirm that it is indeed your phone.)”

Apparently the guy that posted the advert, Vince Thomas, turns out he just happens to be a big Android fan. I do agree up to a point, as Apple fanatics can drone on a bit which after a while does become somewhat of a bore. So what do you think; is this taking Apple hate a bit far?

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