iPhone 3GS with WiFi Available on China Unicom Monday

You are probably aware that over in china they didn’t allow Apple to have WiFi on any Chinese iPhone sold in the country, which probably was the reason China Unicom only managed to shift a pitiful 5000 iPhone units on launch day.

However, according to an article over on Apple Insider by Josh Ong, China Unicom spokesperson, Wen Baoqiu has announced that as of Monday, China Unicom will begin selling an 8GB iPhone 3GS which sports WiFi, while the 16GB iPhone and 32GB iPhone will still be offered without WiFi.

The fight to launch the iPhone in China was somewhat hampered with the lack of WiFi as many simply turned to the grey market meaning official iPhone sales suffered greatly. However be December China Unicom had managed to shift 100,000 iPhone devices.

So now at least some iPhones will be sporting WiFi in China, albeit only the 8GB iPhone 3GS, but what about the iPhone 4 does this mean the iPhone 4 won’t do well in China?

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