iPhone 4 Can Now Use NTT DoCoMo Network in Japan

Apple may just see a considerable hike in sales of the iPhone 4 in Japan as up until now the iconic iPhone and iPad is only supplied by Japan’s much smaller wireless provider Softbank, but that is soon to change.

According to an article on Reuters, Japan’s NTT DoCoMo,plans to launch a service whereby iPhone 4 users will be able to use their iPhone 4 on NTT DoCoMo’s wireless network.

The DoCoMo network is believed to be stronger than that of Softbank and Japan Communications move to offer SIM cards which have DoCoMo network info can be used in unlocked iPhone 4 units from abroad or sold online and could attract people who would rather be with NTT DoCoMo.

This news apparently caused a rise in Japan Communications shares on Friday to 14.6% with Softbank seeing a fall of 1.7%.

Apparently the Japanese government has suggested that mobile carriers drop restrictions that block the use of different SIMs in mobile devices and thus enable users to turn to whichever carrier they wish without the need to purchase a new smartphone.


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