iPhone 4 Users: More Upset with AT&T or Antenna Problems

A report has been recently released by ChangeWave Research on satisfaction of iPhone customers.

The results which have been also reported in an article by Todd Haselton over at mobileburn.com states that a rather impressive 72% of Apple iPhone 4 users are very satisfied with their device.

Although not that impressive when you compare iut to a similar survey carried out in 2009 which found that 82% of iPhone 3GS users were very satisfied and just 17% were in some way dissatisfied.

The results of the survey also revealed that iPhone 4 users have experienced dropped calls 5.2% of the time which in the survey last year compares with 6.3% of the time for the iPhone 3GS. A huge number of owners of the iPhone 4 didn’t like the fact that they had to use AT&T’s network in order to use the phone. The screen resolution has come out positively in the survey also with 49% of iPhone 4 users liking it.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Users: More Upset with AT&T or Antenna Problems”

  1. Ralph miller says:

    Have lots of apple product…can’t believe apple will leave us out to dry with dropped call issue..after all… The name itself should be enough…iPhone… Toys don’t matter if phone is a quack job. Would like to hear apple say “hang on” we will make it right….will they?

  2. Alls' well says:

    Ralph the only quack job here is you. My iphone has never dropped a call. Is it Apple's fault that you live in the bushes where ATT has no cell towers?
    Get a life. Instead of bitching about a product, go out an buy the products that does what you want it do.
    How hard can that be?

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