HTC Desire Vodafone Android 2.1 Update Suspended

For those of you that didn’t know, Vodafone have temporarily suspended its 2.1 update1 for the HTC Desire.

Thanks to an article by Khidr Suleman over at V3.co.uk we can share further information on this story with you. It seems angry customers have been complaining on the Vodafone Forums just 48 hours after the release of the branded update.

Complaints include the phone becoming slow to boot, SMS sounds have vanished and messages are being duplicated. Subsequently Vodafone have suspended the update and have issued the following statement.

“Vodafone has temporarily suspended the rollout of the upgrades and is looking into customer reports into the possible impact of the software on device performance” The company are also working with both Google and HTC in order to make Android 2.2 update available as soon as possible.


3 thoughts on “HTC Desire Vodafone Android 2.1 Update Suspended”

  1. Shan says:

    that's a good news … but for those (including me) – how do we revert back to the original software ?

  2. Sammers23 says:

    You forget to mention that the update installs bloatware that is NOT REMOVABLE and also adds bookmarks to dating sites and changes the users Homepage… appalling!

  3. Alls' well says:

    Yet I keep hearing about how much greater these Android phones are in comparison to the iphone. This is laughable.
    If the IOS for the iphone had these type of problems, it would spatered everywhere for days.