iPhone “Different SIM Detected” Issue: How To Fix

Not too long ago a trick surfaced which enabled iPhone users to activate an iPhone without using the original SIM card, mainly used by unlockers and jailbreakers that didn’t have the original SIM to hand. However as usual, Apple managed to put a halt to all that via hooking the activation wildcard ticket to the ICCID of the used SIM card.

However, according to an article over on iPhone Downloading Blog and by way of @sherif_hashim, there is now another way of avoiding the iPhone “Different SIM Detected” message, and thus we have that workaround for you below…

There are 5 steps in this how to, step one is to download iFunBox , step two you need to download the patched LockDown folder, step three requires you to run iFunBox and then sync to your iPhone, step four need you to go to private/var/root/Library/ and then replace the Lockdown folder with the one previously downloaded in step two.

Finally step five is simple all you need to do is reboot your iPhone and the job should be done. Apparently they haven’t tried it themselves but word is it does work; so if you do attempt this feel fre to voice how you get on in our comments area below…good luck.


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