BlackBerry Curve 8530 just $299.99 at Cricket

Cricket Communications Inc who are a wholly owned subsidiary of Leap Wireless International Inc have announced the launch of a new device on their airwaves the BlackBerry Curve 8530.

An article published by Ionut Arghire over at softpedia confirms that according to the company the BlackBerry Curve Smartphone from Research In Motion will come to its customers with full HTML Web browsing capabilities including access to the BlackBerry Application World.

Al Moschner chief operating officer of Cricket has stated that by offering leading Smartphones such as the BlackBerry Curve 8530 at a price that people can afford together with their new all inclusive true rate BlackBerry Plan that offers 3G at nearly half the price of other Smartphone plans in the market is solidifying their position as the cost conscious provider while respecting the budgets and real life needs of customers.

The BlackBerry Curve 8530 is available for just $299.99 on Cricket’s airwaves. The device is being placed on sale via all Cricket branded retail stores and also via the carrier’s website. The handset will be launched on the operators $60 BlackBerry Plan which includes unlimited nationwide text, talk, email, web browsing, picture mail and also international text capabilities.


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Curve 8530 just $299.99 at Cricket”

  1. Shae says:

    I have been one of the first customers in my region to purchase the new Blackberry for CricKet, and I have to say so far I am immensely impressed! I was originally assuming the service and the connection wouldn't be so great from a more minor phone company like CricKet, but with the CricKet wireless browser is also supported with the Blackberry browser as well, and it runs like a charm, surprisingly fast might I add. The only problem I found with it so far is the Facebook app lags the phone a little bit with the constant refresher of your news feed, and too many apps seem to slow the phone down itself, but other than that, this phone is amazing, and with CricKet I don't feel like I'm paying a fortune (like you would at AT&T or Verizon) for a phone that does nearly everything for me! $60 monthly, and the best part is they don't charge you overage fees!

  2. rob baldwin says:

    being a cricket user for 4 years now i say its about time to have a smart phone that really works great ive had it for a week now and im still playing with all the features there as endless as a pc .good going cricket blackberry

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