iPhone 5 Would You Buy If Released in January 2011?

There is much speculation that Apple is working on a new generation iPhone to take the place of the only recently released iPhone 4. The speculation is that because of the iPhone 4 antenna issue, Apple might push out the iPhone 5 as early as January 2011.

Now we know all iPhone fan love having a new iPhone make its debut, but Apple releasing the iPhone 5 in January does seem somewhat farfetched, although they could release the iPhone 5 packing a new antenna that loses all the hassles associated with the iPhone 4.

Of course then there’s the question that maybe Apple is holding off releasing the white iPhone 4 because they are seeking a solution to the antenna issue, which is also a popular rumour, and if that’s the case then what about all the people using a black iPhone 4? Will they be expected to purchase a white version because it will be working properly?

Again if Apple does present the white iPhone 4 with new antenna attached then the possibility of an iPhone 5 making an appearance in January 2011 is again out of the realms of possibility.

However, with 4G networks popping up, maybe the iPhone 5 will be a 4G enabled iPhone and pushing it out in January 2011 might be a smart move for placing the iPhone 5 on the Verizon network, all speculation of course.

Then there’s the other side that if Apple push out and iPhone 5 to Verizon, won’t that really annoy iPhone owners who have just signed up for a lengthy contract on AT&T to get the iPhone 4.

But the big question remains, would people go out and purchase an iPhone 5 in January after just handing over a large wad of cash for their iPhone 4? So we’re asking our readership if Apple released an iPhone 5 in January 2011 would you buy it?


81 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Would You Buy If Released in January 2011?”

  1. mark says:

    i have an iphone 3gs now, i would buy a new one ONLY if Verizon starts offering them..AT&T service sucks big time and gets worse every day..right now the only thing i can do with my at&t phone is play the music i have on it. about 2 weeks ago i would get all 5 bars of 3gs, now its down to one or two bars and i dont have any service at home anymore either…love the phone, hate AT&T!!!!!!

  2. giorgio says:

    I would buy it. I bought every single release the same day they were on sale. I would do the same for this one. iPhone changed the way of communication and the all smartphone market. I bieleve it is one of the top invention of the century.

  3. Javi Bhabha says:

    yes off course they will buy it…. the name apple is enough to buy ny product on its launch, its now like status symbol to own a apple gadget…. being an Mba student i have done my assingments on apple's brand image n marketing and found out how much it really matters to general public here in london to owe an apple's product…

  4. Herb says:

    Yes, I would buy a Iphone 5 if it was on the Verizon network. And yes, Apple will need to react to the competitive pressures they are now receiving by changing their M.O..


  5. Calum says:

    I would be very angry as I just purchased an iphone 4 yesterday and to think that i wont even have 5 months of its use before a new model is released angers me.

    1. Paul says:

      l dont blame you,,,,l m eligible to have my first iphone on aug 25 2011…so if its true that iphone 5 will come out this summer 2011…that will be great

  6. phorsyte says:

    What the heck ! They no sooner released the Iphone 3GS till they started talking about 4. They haven’t even got all the issues resolved with 4 and there is talk of 5? I was seriously looking to upgrade to an Iphone but now I don’t know. In fact I probably would’ve had bought one except for the availability issues. I’ve waited this long maybe I wait and see how the Torch fairs.

  7. Austin Dawn says:

    I would consider purchasing an iPhone 5 if the screen was larger, had external memory and normal, not best antenna system. I have had all iphone models and exchanged the iphone 4 with Samsung Captivate which solved my signal at home.

  8. ghawk says:

    YES, I would most likely buy a 5 in early 2011, IF IT REALLY IS OUT, AND provided a decent 3rd party case is available!
    Because – one reason – my one-year old 3GS is my first iPhone, and battery life really needs HELP.

  9. Andy Roid says:

    why are you all saying you would buy a product with out seeing the specs and the design? you really are all sheep! you think i-phone is great yet you are basically settling for an ok product.. i.e. no external memory, itunes only, i could go on but whats the point.
    if you really had a clue about what makes an awsome phone you wouldnt go near the i-phone but hey its your money your giving away ;o)

  10. apple says:

    i hate how apple haters would try to read stuff about apple n comment on it .. every single site that has apple news, has apple haters .. live ur life with your beloved 90's phone, or android (assuming ur name and"Y"roid is telling people ur an android lover) n leave us apple lovers alone will ya?

  11. anonymous says:

    indeed all sheep

    i agree that iphone is a very nice tool and can do alot things
    the only thing i hate is apple itself
    they always realse something broken
    -ipod/iphone3 explodes
    -ipad corrupted wifi
    -iphone 4 corrupted antenna

    and they claim they spend a huge amount of money to testers … then why do they all have very basic malfunctions? ..
    it always takes a while before something of apple becomes good
    and then they LET u use itunes and LET u buy other stuff to make it work …

  12. Rhys Griffiths says:

    Every manufacturer releases products with faults. There is no such thing as a perfect product. The reason problems with Apples hardware are so talked about, is because it's such a rarity they do anything wrong.
    Their designs are usually as close to flawless as you can get, and while they may make mistakes – i think their overall product is usually head and shoulders above all of its competition.

  13. !!!!!!!!! says:

    i agree in stating that no product is perfect(or else i wouldnt have bought the iphone 4 just 2 days ago).

    i think that Apple need to slow down and let people catch up i mean some people have just got enough money to buy the iphone 3GS and an ihpne 5 (come on get a break).
    If they do create a new phone with a solution to the antenna then they should give the people who recently purchased an iphone 4 a chance to upgrade it just like they did when the iPhone 3G came out.

    But until then all we can all do is sit and wait.

  14. Safyan Shah says:

    Apple is just awesome. The iPhone 4 antenna was just blown way out of proportion. It should be noted that despite all these negative publicity, yet they sold millions of iPhones.

    1. anonymous says:

      yes the first 3 days 1,7 mil but no1 knew it would have problems then

      i know no product is perfect
      but cmon its a PHONE and the PHONE antenna doesnt work ..

      ipad is ment to be a replacement to a laptop
      and the WIFI didnt work cmon whats a computer without internet?
      whats a phone if u cant call with it
      iphone without calling is just like an ipod touch (exept for gps)
      but it costs about 300 euros more (in my country)

      and i hate the bullshit of the cover then the antenna works blabla
      how great then u cant use a cover u like etc

  15. NBA student says:

    I’ve had Nokias in the past with 5mp cameras, proper xenon flash, external storage, no tethering restrictions, etc, etc, etc. Truth is: as much as these things seem like a good idea, you use them quite rarely. I have an iPhone 3GS which is the best phone bar none that I’ve ever owned. The ios is such a slick and useable operating system that it beats symbion hands down. Not used android, but doubt it is as fluid as ios. And with the big screen and good design it makes the whole package worth every penny in spite of it’s obvious drawbacks.

    Not upgraded to iPhone 4 due to signal issues but would definitely go for iPhone 5 (or 4s – what ever it’s called) when it’s released whether it is Jan or June (more likely). They are bound to get signal and other issues sorted in the next version due to all the complaints.

    Surely MBA students should be revising, not browsing for iphone 5 and commenting on speculative internet threads. Get the books out!

  16. gabs says:

    I must agree there is no one handheld device that is perfect. I like the iphone myself, however I also like some of the Droids… My choice will not be based on the designer of the phone but the network provider that offers the product. Although I do like the iphone I would never get it on the AT&T network. I have had each popular network out there and service is what matters most to me. I say to each person there is their own specific things they that they look for so iphone lovers will be iphone lovers and spend what they may but over all in my opinion, wich is what everyone is stating, their opinion, I wouldn’t spend any of my money for a phone just for its name when the service itself isn’t worth it

  17. Michael says:

    For a while I believed iPhone haters (like Andy Roid) which always spoke about ''iPhone-Killers''. I have spend too much money on mobile-phones that were supposed to be even better than the iPhone (on paper) and I was always dissapointed in the end. Since I got my iPhone 3GS, I am happy for the first time with my mobile! The iPhone IS the coolest and best mobile-phone arround, and I don't care anymore about people saying other things. But to each its own! Go and buy one of the many wanna-be iPhones! I don't want to have a different phone anymore. SO YES, I WILL BUY THE NEXT, EVEN BETTER IPHONE!


  18. mark says:

    i love my iphone 4 but if apple released an iphone 5 so quickly i wouldnt buy another one
    mine cot me £400 not a lot to some people but a lot to me
    so a new one after 6 months no i wouldnt

  19. Michaella says:

    I got my iPhone 4 a month ago so if theyre about to release a new one I’ll be extremely angry as it’s not fair. Also, to all the people going on about the antenna, I have had NO PROBLEMS with it it is just overexaggerated and an excuse to make a new one. Stupid people.

  20. Codey says:

    yeah but is it apple's fault you bourght your iphone last month? no it isn't. yeah i would by the new iphone 5 but only if its an upgrade of the iphone 4. theres not much difference between that and the 3GS apart from the obvious. i think its a good idea to bring out an iphone 5 now as the iphone 4 isn't living up to its reputation.

  21. anonymous says:

    i MIGHT buy it BUT i would be devastated if they will release a new iphone early next year! i just got my iphone4 a week ago since they just started distributing it legally here in the philippines a week ago…. i also believe that the antenna problem was blown out of proportion! mine works just fine like all my other apple products :))

  22. eric says:

    hell no.
    i wont buy another iphone until they change the bluetooth settings, let us transfer files via bluetooth!
    and they make removable batteries, why on earth wont apple do that i really dont get it. apple always says that the battery life is much longer than it is actually is, i have had iphone 3 and 4, both of em they said the batteries would last long but thats all bullcrap.

  23. Tom says:

    I have never owned an iPhone and would like to get one finally. I was nearly decided to get iPhone 4 but after antena problems I rather changed my mind. I love iPhone 4 but it seems silly to pay that kind of money for product that has known problem. If they fix this problem next year I will be very happy to buy the new iPhone 5. Personally I don't think it is going to be branded as iPhone 5, more likely iPhone 5.1 or like they did with 3GS

  24. Apple Core says:

    I'm not convinced that the iPhone 5 will be all it's cracked up to be.
    Especially, if it's rushed in to production for the speculated January 2011 release date.
    I'd rather wait until June/July 2011 for an iPhone that performs well & doesn't need bumpers or a case to get a decent signal.

  25. wilfred says:

    We're not all Apple loving sheep. Some of us used our brains and held off the purchase of the iPhone 4 after hearing about the problems. Other "sheep" went and bought it anyway. Again, if an iPhone 5 comes out in January, the sensible portion of us will WAIT and see what issues there are (if any) and then decide whether or not to reach into our pockets.

  26. Rob. T says:

    I’m still on the iPhone 3GS until the iPhone 4 antenna problems are sorted out so if iPhone 5 proves to have solved the problem then yes I would buy in January. Also anyone heard anything of the wifi probes on the ipad

  27. yvonne says:

    I think Apple should resolove the iphone 4 issue. It is not very fair for those have pump in so much money on iphone 4 and now not even half a year apple is looking into 5. It's too fast. Let the white iphone 4 come out with issue resolve it will be a great job for Apple. Keep upgrading the phone is good but it must be quality good. Pls look into having battery life spent is more important; Thanks

  28. Jerome says:

    I have to say this Verizon I phone saga has been killing me and i am sure other people were getting crazy waiting for the phone i was thinking of getting a droid x but i really don't want that $30.00 data plan i just hope you don't need one for the i phone 5.

  29. anonUK says:

    I work on mobile networks in the UK, and can confirm that the iPhones perform much worse than most other phones. Granted, they are great devices, but as a mobile phone, it is quite simply average. There are some very basic mobiles phones out there that perform much better, as do most of the Andriod/Symbian phones.
    I prefer to buy a good mobile phone first and foremost that has decent signal reception, and if it allows me some great apps, then that's good, but the iPhone4 is a defo non-starter. EVeryone is best waiting for the iPhone5 than buy this, but it won't be in Jan'11!!!

  30. rick says:

    got a 3gs and love it. want the newest out, so if i have to wait for a few months to get a 5 then i will. no other phone out there for me than a iPhone. they changed the way carriers and manufacturers make and design phones. go apple.

  31. Idk says:

    My dad told me he was buying me, and hisself, the next iPhone he would buy, this is the next 1, he even knows its out in january, so YEH!! ima BUY TI OFCOURSE !! APLE REALESE IT PPPLAWKSSS>

  32. Josh says:

    When Apple solve the antenna problem from the iPhone 4, then I shall buy my first mobile phone. So Apple, do what you got to do, to make me happy with my first iPhone.

  33. I have an iPhone 3G and didn't get the 3GS because I didn't think it was a big enough upgrade to bother with. Didn't get the iPhone 4 because of the alleged problems. Thus I would get the next release if it became available early in 2011. Not straight away, though. I always wait for the consensus of opinion before buying. Surely everyone should do that. I've been using Macs for 25 years and have never had any problems with any of mine (except for a keyboard dying on me once). My original Bondi iMac still runs (os X). Never had a prob with any of my six Macs or my iPhone or my iPad. Apple would have to be more on their toes if people didn't blindly queue up and buy stuff the first day of release. Veteran Mac users like me don't see Macs as a status symbol – they just know they are the best computers in the world.

  34. smAsh says:

    I've always been a somewhat anti-Apple customer and more an Android/Google customer, purely for the way how the interaction between Google apps/email etc and Android interacts.

    Having said that, Apple do make some really awesome products and I am moving more and more towards Apple purchases. When purchasing a new mp3 player, I was determined not to get an iPod, seeing as SO many people with white earbuds in their ears seemed that it was the "fashionable" product to have. After much research I ended up with an iPod Classic (250GB), as it has the storage space I required, still has space for my mp3 collection and I have had absolutely no issues with it.

    I currently have an Android based mobile handset which I absolutely love. My brother has an iPhone 3GS (which I was initially laughing at when he bought it due to the hype of "Oh look everyone! I have an iPhone!"), and now that I have had a chance to test both Android and Apple mobile devices, I am very impressed with the iPhone screen, touch responses, clarity and speed (noting once again that this is the iPhone 3GS and not the iPhone 4). Clear example where you can see the differences between the two devices is to play the game 'Angry Birds' on both. The response time was SO much better on the iPhone 3GS. Left me feeling somewhat disappointed with my Android based device.

    My current mobile phone contract is up for renewal in Jan 2011, so in summary, YES, I will most definitely be looking at getting an iPhone 5 (although I have a feeling it may be called the 'iPhone 4GS' or something, as the rumor of the Jan 2011 release is earlier than Apple's usual release dates).

    Come on Apple, please release the next version in Jan 2011!

  35. NNN thai says:

    i'm in thailand ,, have no contract for the mobile
    it's january now… but iphone 5 haven't released yet
    i used to have 3gs but it was stole !!
    and i going to buy iphone 4 but my friends tole me 5 is coming soon
    they said it's is going to be released in june or july
    i think i 'm lucky lol

  36. Adele says:

    Well I personally think they should resolve iPhone 4 first altho saying that I have one and don’t really have much problem most of the time but occasionally yes the signal is crap but I love my iPhone it’s the best thing iv bought and looks great. Therefore I’d be angry if they were t fetch an iPhone 5 out so soon and if they do they should let us change to the new one.

  37. Harry says:

    I just got myself an iPhone 4 and the shops are not aware of an iPhone 5 release this month. Also Joni would not buy one but I am on a contract that let’s me upgrade my iPhone 4 towered the end and i plan on upgrading to the top of the range iPhone which could be the iPhone 5 or 6 depending on release due to technology advancements of the 21st century.

  38. rayo says:

    apple heads!! you need to understand that apple isnt the best phone around. truth is… there isnt one. so dont pretend you are the coolest because you have an iphone… how can you be cool buying an iphone ( 4)
    that does everything but make a call? apple heads!!!

  39. Crystal says:

    APPLE needs to calm the hell down with all these upgrades ! SERIOUSLY! Its not fair to the people who "JUST" got the phone and to the people who are thinking of buying the phone. Some people have waited such a long time to get the iphone 4 and then all the sudden they want to UPGRADE the damn phone. I mean … crap ! you put people in a dilema all the time.

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