iPhone 5 and Other Apple Gear Rumoured for January: Update

So now that you’ve just shelled out a bundle of bucks for your shiny new iPhone 4, just how long would you be willing to wait before shelling out another large bundle of bucks for the fifth generation iPhone? Usually Apple gives iPhone users a year to save up the cash, but this may have changed.

Will Park of Intomobile has posted an article by way of iLounge, which speaks of rumoured new Apple products for early 2011, and includes a new mini iPad, new iPods, and new bumper cases and yes even the iPhone 5.

We have to say this is all firmly in the rumour field so should definitely be take with a large dose of disbelief until such times as anything official appears, as rumour has it Apple is already at work on the iPhone 5 and looking to push out the device in January 2011. The reason for the early launch is apparently to deal with the iPhone 4 antenna issue which Apple PR is taking a large amount of flak over.

As for that mini iPad, well apparently it’ll be a seven inch version which apparently has been around since the first iPhone, but other than that no other details. The new Bumper case rumour is that Apple is working on a cheaper, all silicone version so they can continue to offer it for free.

So if said rumour turns out to be true, although you have already dropped a bundle of bucks in Apple’s lap for your iPhone 4 will you be waiting in line to drop yet another wad of dosh for the iPhone 5 so soon after?

UPDATE: If you like this article you may want to check out our latest (It includes a poll), check out iPhone 5, iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 Release: Apple Countdown it offers details on all three Apple products.


29 thoughts on “iPhone 5 and Other Apple Gear Rumoured for January: Update”

  1. Steve Jobless says:

    Hell yes, Apple is the newest and best religion. I'd happily throw thousands of dollars at them just to have their shiny new " iCrap"

    1. Mark says:

      iCrap, I love my iCrap 4, despite its annoyances and apple's monopoly and etc etc, truth is the iCrap is simply leagues above any other make you care to mention in terms of slickness and versatility, its like the age old Microsoft haters culture, well sorry, still nobody makes a better OS than them, and still they have even more haters than Apple, ,ironic both are class acts in their field despite their flaws…….if you can do better than either then you certainly wont be "jobless" for much longer I suggest eh 😉

  2. Raheel Mushtaq says:

    Found some images regarding iphone 5 is this real? <a title="Permanent Link to Apple iPhone 5 (5G): Concept Images and Specifications" rel="bookmark" href="../apple-iphone-5-5g-concept-images-and-specifications.html">Apple iPhone 5 (5G)


    1. Georgemc says:

      The VAT is not going to make that much difference. Quite why you think someone would be willing to pay £650 for something, but not £663 for it, is a mystery to me.

  3. shaun says:

    Well just like all other tech like flat tv's, dvd, blu ray, mp3, no sooner have you just got used to using your new peice of kit and out comes a newer better? device to replace it and probably before most people have even paid off the credit card for the previous one, no wonder this world is in a financial crisis, we have got to get out of this throw away society we live in a.s.a.p and stop being sheep.

  4. Paul says:

    Oh ffs.. Wake up.

    How long is it going to take before we realise that happiness doesn't exist 'out there'. It's the mental baggage that we carry around, that needs dumping – not more £££ for the latest iphone.

  5. Tony English says:

    "i don't think users in the UK will buy a phone in 2011. The tax VAT is going up and it will add considerable cost to the iphone5. Count me out!! "

    Rubbish! If, for example, the phone without Vat was £500, then previously it would have cost £587.50, the new vat rate would make it £600. I hardly think that a £12.50 increase is going to prevent UK users form buying it!

  6. micwich says:

    well after buying the icrap4 why would i spend good money on another icrap,lets just weight up the pros and cons
    itll be new,the battery should last longer,lit should be lighter,it should have a beter equipped camera.
    it still wont play flash enabled video,every one will have one,you will still have to buy songs twice to use as ring tones,itll cost ove 400 pounds 500 us dollors itll be superseaded 12 months later with a s version,it still wont be able to connect to any bluetooth device that isnt apple related,regardless of which model icrap you have it will still not do every think well unlike most uptodate smart phones.
    so in a nutshell i wont be buying a icrap 4s,5,5s,6,6s or 7 🙂

  7. Chris says:

    pretty pathetic its all just a scam throwing there piece of crap on sale before they know it, i bet the iphone 5 will be like £850 when it comes out and these phone shops will be draining everyones wallet also probly like £215 for the phone & £50 a month after that pathetic

  8. dara says:

    all of you chat rubbish the iphone is going to be a concept phone and already is a inovation in technology i will be getting it free on vodafone hahh hah hah

  9. Geoff J says:

    Hmmm….the iPad seems to be getting smaller. Probably part of Apple's future marketing strategy of rebranding the ipod touch as the "ipad micro" ….and doubling the price

  10. aj says:

    Received an iPad 2 as a gift. First thing I did was log into sky sports website to view next season’s fixtures and the bloody thing wasn’t capable of viewing the page correctly??? Same result on ESPN site. Same day it sold on ebay within minutes…

    Sad fact is apple saddo’s will continue to wet their pants camping outside apple stores desperately hoping to get their hands on one. Apple know this, so I should imagine they’ll be releasing every three months soon… Try spending half the money and get a phone/pad that can actually do more than just download apps from apples cash cow store…

  11. All the mug’s come out and get another, Yob’s is sitting rubbing his hands together….and waiting……Wonder if the ‘I’ phone will ever be finished……or is each one just a prototype for the next….. ok things have to evolve but this is a joke.

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