LiarCard, Mobile Phone Lie Detection Software?

I picked up this link from Nic, an American friend of mine over on Facebook, and thought I’d pass this along as I found it quite unbelievable. Its mobile phone software called LiarCard, which apparently can detect whether the person you are calling is telling you porkies or not.

So how does this software work? Well according to LiarCard.com, “LiarCard listens to the millisecond changes that occur in the human voice when a sudden process starts in the brain and extract some of the attention needed to process the words. LiarCard can detect if the subject is excited, confused, stressed, unwilling to share information, concentrated, anticipating your responses and even if your friend really likes you.”

Apparently you can also disguise your voice so the person on the other end of the call doesn’t know its you calling and even changes the phone number that the recipient will see on their handset.

I’m not too convinced as to whether it actually works for real, and when you hit the video on the main page of the website you get a message saying “this product is for entertainment purposes only.”

So have any of our readers actually used this mobile lie detector software? If so drop us a comment with your views on the results you have received.

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