Android Handsets Selling at 200,000 a Day

If you talk to an Apple iPhone fan they’ll probably tell you nothing can touch the iPhone as it’s the best smartphone available and Apple sells millions, and they wont have it that maybe another smartphone can take the iPhone crown, but then that’s iPhone fanboys for you.

However what iPhone fanboys say makes no real odds, yes Apple has a huge fan base by there’s a little smartphone operating system that is eating away at Apple dominance and that is Android.

It appears that Android is growing in popularity as according to a Kat Hannford article over on Gizmodo, by way of Reuters, CEO Eric Schmidt has underscored Android’s strong challenge to the iconic iPhone by saying 200,000 Android phones are sold every day.

I know Apple loyalists will say that Apple still dominate as the iPhone is just one smartphone whereas Android is many, but nevertheless 200,000 devices per day soon adds up to a huge Android fan base which could overtake Apple’s loyal customer base, so watch out Apple as Android will soon be snapping at your heels.


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  1. mikemyerz666 says:

    I have never owned an iPhone, but i plan on getting the iPhone 4 in October or so. I've had the Google G1 for almost a year and a half now, and it was great for a while, but now i want an iPhone. I hated the iPhone for the longest time, i dont know why, but i just couldnt see paying $100 a month for a cell phone. Ive had my experience with android for a while and it looks nice and there may be more freedom with it, but personally i could care less if i can put a theme on my phone, i dont have a theme on my phone now, so i wont need one when i get an iphone, i'm glad iOS 4 allows you to change the background, that's all i need. I know the things an iPhone is capable of, and i love whats been done with it thus far. The iPhone became popular because of the apps, same thing with Android, but A LOT of the apps on the Android Market are for downloading pictures of asian women or tons of fart apps, and the apps that are actually worth having that dont crash and force close on you are far and few in between. 20+ Android devices to 4 iPhone devices, that come out with 1 model every year(and the original iphone isnt even manufactured anymore, and i dont think the 3g is either), not at least 7 or so per year(android), across all carriers(android), not just 1(iPhone), is not a fair way to say android is outselling the iPhone. If you put 1 android phone against 1 iphone, and this 1 android phone needs to be on one carrier, then i think the iphone still outsells the Android phone. I think Google will eventually get it right and Android is the only real contender right now, i'm no iPhone fanboy, but i think you are an Android fanboy or were desperate for a story because of course people are going to say apple loyalists will argue "the iPhone is just one smartphone whereas Android is many…", well yeah, that's just fact. I dont think even Android fans can deny that the numbers would have to clearly be higher due to the availability of Android to the iPhone. iOS is on iPhones, iPod Touches, and the iPad, 3 different items compared to the 20+ phones that have comes out in the last 2 years or so.

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