Verizon iPhone Possibly Coming at Big Red End of Year Event?

Well now, apparently the Big Red is preparing for some kind of special end of year event which will see the major launch of a product, and naturally the first product that springs to mind is of course the Verizon iPhone.

According to Kelly Hodgkins of Intomobile, one of their insiders tipped them off about the event which apparently has Verizon going great gun in the hiring field with a view to doubling their retail staff in most of their retail stores…looks like whatever it may be is going to be big.

Apparently the rumour is the Big Red will begin the hiring frenzy soon and times to coincide with a December major product launch, although any details on the mystery device are scarce to say the least, but apparently the source says it will be big and requires a virtual army of workers to “handle the tidal wave of incoming customers.”

Now what device do you think could bring in a tidal wave of customers to the Verizon network? Could this be Verizon’s build up to the launch of the much sought after Verizon iPhone? After all the rumour is that AT&T is positioning the BlackBerry Torch as a rival to a Verizon iPhone, which you can read about (here)

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