Could Verizon iPhone Stem Android iOS Assault?

According to recent figures the iPhone iOS is no longer the top operating system in the United States, as the Android OS has now overtaken iOS as the top operating system; you can check out those figures by by hitting up (here).

For several years now Apple has dominated the smartphone space with their iPhone, but most recently the iPhone 4 has fallen under assault by users and critics over the iPhone 4 antenna issue, which no doubt has given Apple some bad flak.

Google’s Android platform however is spreading across the smartphone space at a rate on knots with virtually every phone manufacturer adopting the Android platform and delivering smartphones that can closely compete with Apple’s iPhone.

Now more than ever there are smartphones packing Android that can do more that the iPhone, such as the Sprint HTC EVO 4G and the soon to appear Samsung Epic 4G, both able to run on the 4G network, something Apple is slowly falling behind with.

As Android embraces 4G, Apple lags in getting aboard the new faster network, and AT&T will be left dragging their heels towards 4G which isn’t good for the future of the iPhone. Thus eventually AT&T will lose their exclusive hold over the iPhone, it’s been on the cards for ages but just why Apple insists on keeping the iPhone tied to a single carrier in the states is somewhat confusing as in other countries the iPhone is available on most networks.

While Android continues to spread across the globe it’s fairly obvious Android will become greater due to the amount of devices carrying the platform, but there may be one little way Apple can counteract Android overtaking iOS, and that is by delivering the much sought after Verizon iPhone, which just lately has been rumoured as coming in January 2011.

Could a Verizon iPhone stem the rise of Android in the States? Well maybe as Verizon does have a huge customer base, and many simply won’t go for the iPhone because it is tied to AT&T. However if Apple pushes out a Verizon iPhone, those people that have been opting to go with Android devices just might think about switching to the iPhone and iOS.

Basically I think Apple is restricting the spread of iOS in the US simply because of their loyalty to AT&T and some misplaced dislike of Verizon as an iPhone carrier; thus if they want to keep Android from taking the smartphone crown then Apple needs to not only deliver a Verizon iPhone, but also a Verizon 4G iPhone.

However, Apple may have just left it too late. Android continues to rise and will continue doing so on numerous smartphones and on the 4G network while Apple and the iPhone drag their heels delaying the inevitable.

Other iPhone carriers in the US has to come, the Verizon iPhone has to come, a 4G equipped iPhone has to come, otherwise Apple risk the iPhone becoming a has been device that doesn’t keep up with the latest technology.

So the question is, could a Verizon iPhone stem the Android iOS assault, or has Apple simply left it too late and Android will remain the top operating system to dominate America?


9 thoughts on “Could Verizon iPhone Stem Android iOS Assault?”

  1. Daleos says:

    I don't think the iPhone 4 (or 3GS) will make too much difference in stemming the tide of Android phones. The winning aspect of Android is that there's a version for every budget and that there's probably a version that fits a customers needs more tightly (eg hardware keyboard) than the ones size fits all way Apple are going at the moment.

    Apple really need to get an iPhone Nano out if they are going to have any chance of keeping up. The iPhone 4 is simply too expensive for most people.

  2. Ian Smyth says:

    No, Apple is on a contract with AT&T, which ends January 2011, does it not? So yes a Verizon (and maybe T-Mobile) iPhone is likely in January 2011.

    Apple may use this to begin a hardware upgrade of every 6 months, packing in more megapixels in the camera, better screen, larger battery, etc.

    Upgrades would probably be about 100 dollars each. I can also see Apple putting in its own version of a MicroSD card, which you can sync with iTunes and put anything from iTunes onto it.

    Once Apple gets more carriers, faster hardware upgrades, more improved features (probably 4G soon as well), and expandable memory (with their own card) they will be a major threat to Android.

    Apple obviously has a plan.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Good luck you android users. You are running a Phone OS I could crack in 15 seconds. Grab your contacts, your history, and your emails.

    I left Verizon when my contract was up last month and bought an iPhone via AT&T. The service is no worse than Verizon (that recently degraded call quality to Skype levels). Hmmm…I remember an announced deal with Skype, perhaps there was also an unannounced deal.

  4. Adi says:

    TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, iphone is NOT WANTED BY Verizon.

    iphone will suffer like the Mac computer.

    EVO 4G and EPIC 4G are the SUPER SMARTPHONES, 10 times better than any iphone.

  5. Doni says:

    iphone Fake '4' is DEAD and falling from grace. It's an inferior phone that can't make calls without dropping.

    EVO 4G, and now EPIC 4G both are running on 4G network and are super fast has plenty of functionality that iphone can only dream of.

  6. Michael says:

    Everybody loves to count Apple out. I remember when people made fun of the first iPod, the first iPhone, the iPad, etc etc. I just read a poll that said almost half of Android users would get an iPhone if available on Verizon. Added the another poll that said that iPhones are the most desired phone in the world. You Fandroids can keep wishing that you'll take over.

  7. xani says:

    Tuesday (8-10-10) as our group of 7 people sat around discussing phones, we discover that 6 of us had Verizon and one person had Sprint as their carrier.
    Our Poll:
    2 people that are not under a current contract, are waiting for iphone to go to Verizon.
    3 people will get the iphone from Verizon when there contract expires.
    1 persons has a Droid.

    1 person has Sprint because the plans are cheaper and will not get an new phone.

    In my opinion, if Apple releases the iphone at the end of 3rd quarter or the start of the 4th quarter,
    the iphone will beat Androids sales by New Years Eve 2010.

    I hope they have a good supply of iphones ready. No one wants an empty box – with a soon to be shipped sticker for a Holiday gift.

  8. Kimo says:

    Remember Apple usually under-promises and over-delivers. The VZ iphone will have some surprises in it. Apple is master of its own destiny and Jobs can easily trump all the speed, battery, 3G vs 4G, SD card etc etc etc gripes at will but he can't fix the ATT network. So why would he roll his hardware NOW with no up side on sales while ATT keeps him from growing? Buy 5 shares of Apple stock now. It's going to double by 2/11. Then you can afford to buy an iphone and pay off VZ for the contract on your driod.

  9. david banner says:

    Its very simple for me. No 4g, no deal. If you have not used a 4g phone, you probably are oblivious to speed. Its like comparing dial up to wifi, it should not be done. The iphone is not 4g. I have 4g in my area so iphone is not worthy. I tether and watch movies with 4g. A 3g phone has trouble loading high quality youtube without the hiccups. I have an idea, lets all get the iphone and change our home internet to dial up. Then we can all brag about how many stupid people did it with us (1.7 million in 3 days). If you are not in a 4g area then i guess the iphone is the best way to go.

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