New Verizon HTC Android Slider Possible Answer to AT&T BlackBerry Torch?

There seems to be a big buzz over the new BlackBerry Torch coming to AT&T as it’s a slider device which is reportedly going to be big with the Big Blue; there has even been speculation that the BlackBerry Torch is AT&T’s answer to a Verizon iPhone.

But it appears that Verizon isn’t going to be left out in the slider device game either as according to an article over on Engadget by Thomas Ricker by way of Android Guys, a new Android packing HTC Slider smartphone for the Verizon network has just made an appearance.

However apparently this unnamed HTC slider isn’t expected to hit the Big Red until 2011. There are apparently a few specs available thought, although unconfirmed at this time, which are a 1.2 GHz processor which may or may not be dual core, and a 4 inch display, and possible Android 2.2 OS on launch; other than that there’s not much known but no doubt more will be revealed later.

Word has it the prototype pictured packed a Verizon SIM, so this HTC slider is possibly a dual mode CDMA/GSM world phone, but again that hasn’t been confirmed at this stage. However if this is indeed a new HTC slider device on the Android platform for Verizon then maybe the Big Red will soon get a challenger to AT&T’s much hyped BlackBerry Torch.


3 thoughts on “New Verizon HTC Android Slider Possible Answer to AT&T BlackBerry Torch?”

  1. Jamie says:

    The Droid is a "slider" as will be the Droid 2 which is coming out in a few weeks. At&t & blackberry are playing catch up with verizon and motorola. Not the other way around

    1. Cellphoneguy says:

      funny i dont think that is the case. if at&t is playing catch up with vzw how come at&t is only 2 million customers behind verizon after they were up by 12 million after the alltell purchase. at&t has consistently out gained verizon for the last 2 years and vzw ran a 3 month smear campaign and hired lucas films to promote their android devices as if they are something special. Tmobile and Sprint both offer more innovative android devices and at&t has the iphone which is a more popular and secure device than any "droid" will be. Blackberry has all 4 carriers and they still dominate motorola. motorola makes junk phones and junk pda devices. you sound like a vzw salesman…..

  2. John Smith says:

    If it packed a Verizon SIM it would most likely mean that this is one of the first 4G phones that will use LTE. As for global capabilities, Verizon Wireless has stated that the 4G phones will be able to be unlocked and used both globally and domestically. Also that you may be able to use any VZW approved GSM based device on their network. "approved" More than likely means the iPhone 4 will not be supported by VZW unless an agreement with Apple is made allowing Verizon to actively carry and sell the device. Verizon's activation systems are already updated with a 'SIM card ID' box that isn't currently being utilized, so look towards the end of September for the first LTE (4G) devices (more than likely data cards first) to start popping up.

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