Droid 2 Release Date Confirmed by Best Buy

The latest Droid device out of the Motorola camp and heading for the Verizon network is the Droid 2 which has a expected release date of the 12th of August, well that particular release date may have just received some confirmation.

According to an article by Kellex over on Droid-life, the Boy Genius Report has gained word that the Droid 2 would see release on the 12th of August, and now Droid-life has the evidence to back up that release date claim, with an image which states …Droid 2: Hard Street Date August 12.

It is somewhat strange thought that considering the 12th is next Thursday, one would have thought that Verizon Wireless would get round to officially announcing the Droid 2, but perhaps that will come over the next few days.

The article does make note though that there is a reference to “not sell” the Droid 2 before the 12th of August, which means Best Buy should be seeing Droid 2 stock hitting their shelves anytime now.


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  1. Chris wants a droid says:

    I just called my local Verizon store and the guy who picked up said that they are usually told a week ahead before a new phone is on the shelf and that he has heard nothing. This of couse could be an attempt to keep to Verizons rules of secrecy but it makes me wonder never the less.

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