iPhone 4 Top Best Bits Video, Do You Agree?

The iPhone 4 has seen its fair share of bad press in recent days, but one does have to say that Apple’s latest tech toy can hold its own against all the other smartphones out there. So what are the 10 best bits of the iPhone 4?

Well Andrew of at Fonehome has come up with a video of the iPhone 4’s ten best bits, and naturally we have that almost one and a half minute video for your viewing pleasure below, of course if you already own an iPhone 4 you’ll probably know the best bits anyway.

Besides no doubt if you are an iPhone fan you’ll have your own top ten bits list, so why not check out the video below and see if their choice lines up with your own choice of top ten bits…enjoy

Of course I would also say that the iPhone 4 has its bad bit, namely the antenna issue and the lack of Apple getting it together with a white iPhone 4 and thus making iPhone customers wait while other smartphone makers push out white versions of their handsets…it’s about time Apple sorted that one at least.

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