Apple warning by German government over security concerns

The Apple iPhone has proved to be a great hit with the consumer market as predicted. The company also opened their flagship store in London’s Covent Garden yesterday which we reported on here in case you missed it.

However it seems there is a increase in the resentment about the Mac monopoly as Apple control the access to applications and music. According to an article published today by Richard Rogers over at the guardian it seems that despite the opening of the store yesterday Apple have been having a bad time recently.

The company as we all know are well known for their sleek design and software but now they are experiencing increased resistance to the closed shop attitude to its products. The Mac monopoly means that users must purchase their music through Apple’s iTunes and all applications must come pre approved from Apple’s store.
Of course the tight profitable security is accepted by Mac, iPad and iPhone users albeit grudgingly purely because the Apple devices themselves are great. Now though the untouchable brand has been slightly tarnished as issues have arisen in recent times including the iPhone 4’s handling issue.

And now things have got worse as the German Government have pointed out a security failure which leaves some iPhones, iPads and iPods vulnerable to hackers. Said to be so dangerous that German Federal Office for Information Security have officially warned users of two critically weak points for which there is no patch available.


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