RIM BlackBerry Now Faces Ban in Kuwait

It appears that Research In Motion is having quite a bad time of it with their BlackBerry smartphone in the Middle east what with the UAE threatening a ban, Saudi Arabia banning BlackBerry for a few hours and then allowing them again as apparently a deal has been struck between RIM and the Saudi government.

However according to a Jack Loftus article over on Gizmodo by way of a report by Reuters, Kuwait has now stepped into the ban BlackBerry fracas as apparently Kuwaiti officials have “expressed moral and security concerns” with BlackBerry devices.

However it seems that the major concern in the Kuwait argument is to do with pornographic websites and that Kuwait wants RIM to block them. Apparently the Kuwait government has given the Blackberry maker 4 months grace so RIM can deal with the issue and avoid being banned.

Other countries harping on about the BlackBerry smartphones encrypted network over security are Algeria, Lebanon and India. It seems it’s a case of sheep following sheep as more and more climb aboard the ban BlackBerry bus.

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