BlackBerry Waterproof Aquapac and Overboard Cases Reviewed: Video

Well if you have a BlackBerry smartphone you’ll probably sooner or later consider getting a case to keep you device safe from harm, so why not choose a BlackBerry case that will also protect your smartphone from water?

We have for BlackBerry fan’s viewing pleasure today a video review of the Aquapac BlackBerry waterproof case and the Overboard BlackBerry waterproof case which comes our way courtesy of Kevin Michaluk over at Crackberry.

The BlackBerry waterproof case video lasts a smidge over the five minute mark and has Brittany Griffin starting off the review with the Aquapac case which is made for PDA handsets and is immiscible up to 15 feet. The Overboard case comes with a lanyard and carabineer.

Okay, I’ll stop there otherwise there won’t be any need to check out the video, so what that said, head on down, mash that play button and enjoy the BlackBerry case review.

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