China Unicom iPhone 4 and 3GS Release Dates with WiFi

China Unicom is finally about to release the Apple iPhone with WiFi function, the company started selling the smartphone October, which was more than two years after it debuted in US but did not come with WiFi.

Well according to Yahoo News the iPhone 3GS model with China Unicom will start rolling out today, it will only be release to certain provinces at first.

The iPhone with WiFi function got its network access licence in China in July this year, the iPhone 4 is expected to start selling with China Unicom from September 1. The iPhone 3GS WiFi version will sell for 4,999 yuan and yes that is the same price as the model without WiFi.

Apparently customers will be able to get the 3GS handset for free if they subscribe to a monthly package of at least 226 yuan.

Please do let us know if you will be purchasing the iPhone with WiFi via China Unicom once they release, once released we will bring you more information.

Source – Engadget

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