iPhone 4 Gains Flash via Frash: Video

As you probably know, Apple has never allowed Flash on the iPhone, however it appears that although Apple doesn’t like it Flash can now be installed on Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 4.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Jack Loftus, Redmond Pie reports that an Alpha version of Flash, a version known as Frash is now available and they have posted a full guide on how to get Frash onto your iPhone 4 on their website, but do remember you do so at your own risk.

According to their website…”According to the source, this version of Flash (Frash) will also work on iPhone 3GS, iPad (on 3.2.1) and iPod touches. I have tested it on iPhone 4, running iOS 4.0.1 only and can confirm that it works.”

So there it is, however one must note that you will of course be required to jailbreak your iPhone 4 in order to use Frash. We do however have a video demo of Frash running on the iPhone 4 for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below…enjoy.

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