LG Rumour Plus for Bell Delayed

Hmmm, it would appear that Apple isn’t the only smartphone maker suffering delays due to manufacturing issues, namely the white iPhone 4, as it also appears that LG is having some manufacturing issues as well.

According to an article over on Mobile Syrup by Ian Hardy, the LG Rumour Plus was scheduled to hit Bell on the 11th of August; however it has been tipped that LG has delayed the release of the LG Rumour Plus a couple of weeks.

An internal screenshot states…“the launch date has been delayed due to manufacturing problems at LG”. Unfortunately LG isn’t saying what type of manufacturing issues are causing the delay, perhaps LG is trying to make a white version as that seems to be the given excuse these days.

Either way whatever the reason, the LG Rumour Plus for Bell probably won’t be available for purchase until sometime around the 27th of August.

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