iPhone 4 Accessories: Brushed Steel Case Will Protect

Just how far would you go to protect your shiny new iPhone 4, would you wrap the device in steel so it always remains pristine? Having a metal case on your iPhone 4 would certainly deliver protection from those everyday knocks, bumps and drops.

Kat Hannaford of Gizmodo has posted an article which shows of Ryan Glasgow’s brushed steel iPhone 4 case, although Kat does mention that she has no idea whether the brushed steel case would act as a bumper and solve the antenna issue.

The brushed steel iPhone 4 case does look like something out of a scifi movie, something the Terminator might carry, but would definitely be an iPhone case to show off to your friends. The is a bit of low tech involved though with an elastic band on the front flip which can be used to hold cards or notes.

The slot on the front flap is there so the user can see any incoming calls, and is manufactured from ultra thin brushed steel as not to add too much bulk to your iPhone 4. Glasgow does say though that if the user finds the case affects their signal in any way, he’ll refund the $95 cost.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Accessories: Brushed Steel Case Will Protect”

  1. ulicarlos says:

    It's just perfect. I own one. Looks good, protects the phone and gives the phone a
    touch of waterworld, cyberpunk, startrek feeling. Awesome Job, Ryan! And please realize, all other elastic whatever bumpers will cause scratches over time! You can't ignore dust and fine particles. I ruined two iphones with bumpers already…

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