Nokia 5230 Games: Bestsellers in Ovi Store

If you are an owner of the Nokia 5230 handset then at some point when you have a little time on your hands you may like to play a mobile game, and there are numerous mobile games available to the Nokia 5230 on the Ovi Store.

However you don’t want just any old game on your device, so what are the top best selling Nokia 5230 mobile phone games in the Ovi store? Well I’ve take a peek at the Nokia Ovi store to find out and here the first five listed bestsellers…

Armageddon Squadron, an arcade action flight simulator that allows the user to take the controls of the best known World War Two aircraft, and lets the user go on strafing and bombing raids, have dogfights with the enemy, protect ground troops and more, rated 4 stars.

Next up is ToonWarz, a 3D action FPS game for the Nokia 5230 which enables the player to control a one man army as he goes on death defying missions behind enemy lines, and infiltrate an enemy stronghold to retrieve hostages; rated 4 stars.

Then there’s Wave Blazer, a mobile game that allows the user to take control of a 4000 horsepower turbine engine arrowhead speedboat and speed your way across the waves, and is again rated 4 stars.

Next in line is Chainreaxion, a puzzle game whereby the user attempts to set of chain reactions in the correct time and place to they can explode all the moving “trigger” balls. The further up the levels you go the more difficult it becomes, but you need to avoid the skull balls. Rated 3 Stars.

Lastly we have Astraware Casino, which brings to your Nokia 5230 some of the most popular casino games so you can experience the fun of the casino right from your handset including Blackjack, Roulette Slots and Texas Hold ‘Em No Limit Poker.

All these best selling mobile games and more are available to download to your Nokia 5230 right from the Nokia Ovi Store.

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