Telus HTC Desire Review, Problems and Pricing

The Telus HTC Desire smartphone has been available for a while now and we would love to know your thoughts are on their service, the handset, and problems and of course the pricing.

The HTC Desire is a very popular smartphone and judging on the emails we have received but we have a few emails about problems like updates etc, the Desire offers easy integration of Google applications and services, multi-tasking, desktop like browsing with Adobe Flash Player support and multiple home screens.

TELUS offers you the 3G+ network, which is great for fast data speeds and international roaming, their pricing plans include: No term at $449.99, 1 year term at $399.99, 2 year term at $349.99 and $79.99 for the handset on the 3 year term plan.

Are you happy with your HTC Desire from Telus? Are you happy with Telus’s service? Are you happy with the pricing plans? We would like to receive your personal reviews and problems if any; we basically want to know everything about the TELUS HTC Desire.

If you want more information about the Telus HTC Desire and you are thinking about buying one please visit Telus.com


11 thoughts on “Telus HTC Desire Review, Problems and Pricing”

  1. Matt says:

    It came out on Friday…it's hardly been a while.
    I will let you know after using my phone for a longer while.
    Telus' service is fantastic though. From network speeds to customer service to competitive plans.
    I hope that Telus getting cooler phones (a problem in the past) will persuade more Canadians to leave evil Rogers, as I did 7 years ago.

  2. Lloyd says:

    There is no Telus branding on this HTC except for the Telus theme that you can pick. Its pretty stock HTC.

    The phone's battery seems to last a day only. I do light txting, email, facebook, and occasional internet browsing,

  3. Francis says:

    I got this phone on the launch day. Had to wait all day long to finally be able to buy one. Bought it at full price since my contract wasn't up yet and will only be on april 23rd 2011. Didn't want the hassle of negotiating so just bought it at 449,99, transferred my number on it, and off I went.

    Telus had a computer problem that day. The phones weren't in inventory in the computer system so they were unsellable. I called my Telus shop (Place Versailles, Montreal) around 4 PM and they told me it was finally sorted out and they were keeping one for me.

    As soon as I got home, made it charge until battery said fully charged. There were no instructions anywhere that said we had to let it charge at least 12 hours like some other phones, and the battery is fine. It's gonna last a whole day of normal use and maybe 5½ hours on intensive use.

    I like the look and feel of the device itself. It's really thin, lightweight. The SuperLCD screen is great. Great resolution, great, vivid colors, even in direct sunlight, while wearing my shades, I can see the screen pretty well.

    The buttons are okay, although I think the optical trackball could be a little more sensitive or have some kind of acceleration to it. I think it's pretty slow when, for example, you're writing an e-mail and want the cursor to go back to a certain point. Passing your thumb faster over the trackball won't make the cursor go back faster. I don't like the back button. I wish I could just go back with the touch screen with a "back" gesture, as you can do while flipping the home screens or on the iPhone. (I never had one, don't like them, but the feel of the interface on an iPhone is more natural I guess).

    The volume buttons are too big too! I find myself always pressing one of them by accident while trying to take a picture or just flipping the phone to the side to get the widescreen view. I would have made them a bit smaller, or harder to press.

    Android is running REALLY smoothly on that device. Everything screen transition and animation is fluid and smooth. I won't review the operating system since it's the same as the htc legend, hero and some other phones but I'll just say this. Google needs to work on their activesync client. It's the only thing that makes me miss my old windows mobile phone. Tasks won't sync, messages won't be marked as read if I read them on OWA, it's kinda like not "real, complete" push. But other than that, I'm extremely satisfied of the phone itself. Love it!

  4. Darell says:

    Had the Desire now for a few days. Had one problem so far, the battery was Bad only got a few hours no mater what I did. Thumbs up to the Telus store they replaced it right in the store. Other thing this phone gets hot.. guys you don't want to put it in your front pocket on the pulse side cold winters should be more bearable.
    Call quality is good ringers and incoming call volume I find to low. I use the phone for work as well so
    I am on it all day and It is easy to live with. The only exception is battery life car charger is a must.

    Phone wise, unreal is a word that comes to mind. HTC Sences adds the eye candy and the HTC widgets are some of the best and usable. Google Nav. is pretty good voice turn by turn is a nice bonus. I find the volume is a little to low and breaks up pretty bad at highest volume needs better speaker.
    The Telus network no problems so far some speed tests have been 137kbps to 1746kbps using speedtest.net app.
    Camera is great can take good pics haven't tried video yet. I like the little things like the contacts list can sync with the persons facebook profile.

    So… Very happy so far, I paid full price and feel It is worth it

    1. Darell says:

      So I need to update my above post. The Battery problem I had didn't get better and the replacement battery didn't help. I was getting about 3-4 hours no matter what I did and I tried everything from using task killer to turning everything off with nothing running.
      Telus store again thumbs up replaced the unit, I didn't want to give up on the Desire I still really like the phone. So the new unit now easily goes threw the Day with no problem and also I notice a couple of other things voice calls are much louder as ringer and the unit is not as nearly as hot

  5. roger says:

    i just got the htc desire last week, few things i noticed the batteries run down quickly, the reception is the worst ive ever experienced ? people now phone people around me to get hold of me, nice phone if you live, work and travel directly under a cell phone tower, im probably going back to a cheap phone again ,at least it works

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